Month: October 2013

How to Have a Blissfully Unproductive Weekend

Getting some much needed rest and relaxation is on my mind (again) — This is one of my struggles as I still can’t find the balance. However, I’ve learned a few times over my working career, and once again as recently as last week, that if you don’t take the time to slow down and rest, your body will do it for you. I’ve been sick the last 13 days — twice! And while I’m starting to finally feel like “myself” I know that I largely got sick because I’d over extended myself for too long.

Still my challenge to overcome so I maintain committed to finding the balance — and sharing with you want I find. I found this great article from Debbie Woodbury with some great tips:

1. Change your mindset, if only for the weekend. If you have a workaholic, productivity-proves-validity mindset, like me, you don’t relax easily. Why not try changing your mindset for just a weekend? Everyone needs time to relax and recharge, and anyone who thinks they are productive 24/7 is just kidding themselves anyway. So go ahead, throw relentless productivity to the wind and resolve to be blissfully unproductive this weekend. You can always go back to being a crazed workaholic on Monday.

2. Unplug from your electronics. Put the stresses and obligations of the workweek on hold by separating yourself from your cell phone, tablet or laptop. Deliberately unplugging makes a statement to yourself and others, “I choose to relax and be blissfully unproductive for a few days.”

Go one step further and seek out silence. As Deepak Chopra said, “Silence is the great teacher, and to learn its lessons you must pay attention to it. There is no substitute for the creative inspiration, knowledge and stability that come from knowing how to contact your core of inner silence.”

3. Stay in the moment. As hard as it is to unplug from your electronics, it’s even harder to unplug from your monkey mind. You know what monkey mind is — the incessant chatter of worry, “shoulds,” “what ifs” and a past/future focus. When the chatter starts building, take a breath and stop. In that moment of awareness, you create a gap that allows you to recognize the noise for what it is, before it takes you away with it. Practicing “catch and release” of your monkey-mind thoughts keeps you present in the here and now and focuses your mind on one thing at a time.

4. Play. Play is not a luxury. Let me repeat. Play is not a luxury. In fact, play is vital to health and increased productivity. Spontaneous play and the fun it elicits are transformative, and happen more often when you’re in the moment. Planning play is as important as planning your meals. And play takes all kinds of forms — run through the sprinkler, have sex, read a fun book, take a hammock nap or just jump up and down! Play doesn’t have to be big and noisy. Play is whatever feeds your soul and makes you feel more alive. Go play!

5. Reconnect with loved ones. Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed with obligations, schedules, responsibilities and appointments that we forget to really be with the people we love. If you turn off the TV, phone and laptop — if you stay in the moment and open yourself to play and fun — guess where you’ll end up? Reconnecting with friends and family!

via 5 Steps to a Blissfully Unproductive Weekend | Debbie Woodbury.

Seems like its just 5 simple things, but some of these are still going to be a real challenge for me. I think I’ll have to take it one at a time and work my way up to all 5 at once :).

Relaxing, relating, and releasing — thanks for joining me on the journey to better work life balance! Making the HR connection, yours

Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy, Meh.

Gen Y Yuppies?!?!? Is there such a thing? According to Huffington Post there is.  Am I Lucy? How many of my friends and I are “Lucy” — and am I okay being a ‘yuppy?’

Truth is, I’m pretty darn fortunate! Happy, meh. But that’s on me. I’m a workaholic and I totally need to back off. I’m not sure that I buy this equation — for anyone, Gen Y or otherwise.

At first when I read this I was appalled (who is this person telling me who to think, and some one who had done research on GYPSYs – the nerve!) — almost offended — and then I read it again — and third time and thought — maybe something is there. To be fair, there is a lot in the article (and its all over the place at times, but does have a few good points).

Here’s a snipnet — take a look at the article and what do you think?

Lucy is part of Generation Y, the generation born between the late 1970s and the mid 1990s. She’s also part of a yuppie culture that makes up a large portion of Gen Y.

I have a term for yuppies in the Gen Y age group — I call them Gen Y Protagonists & Special Yuppies, or GYPSYs. A GYPSY is a unique brand of yuppie, one who thinks they are the main character of a very special story.

So Lucy’s enjoying her GYPSY life, and she’s very pleased to be Lucy. Only issue is this one thing:

It comes down to a simple formula:


It’s pretty straightforward — when the reality of someone’s life is better than they had expected, they’re happy. When reality turns out to be worse than the expectations, they’re unhappy.

Lucy’s kind of unhappy.

via Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy | Wait But Why. (Huffington Post)

So from an HR perspective I wonder what its like to have “Lucy” (or should I just say GYPSYs) and what does that do for their outlook on their work and overall engagement.

Someone once told me, “do you’re thing, don’t compare yourself to others, be happy with where you are and worry about you.. if you are always thinking about the guy next to you won’t appreciate where you are.”  I’ve always struggled with that advice — first it because it came from a guy I used to date (ha!), but second, I’m competitive and ambitious. A busy body. I check the box and then look at the next box that needs to be checked (I’ve got a rolling 10 year plan!)  But as I read that article for the third time, I thought about him and his words again — and there is certainly something about being in the now and being HAPPY with where you are — doesn’t mean to be complacent — but chill out and tone down the “expectations” and turn up the “reality.”

I need to seriously chill out 🙂

Making the HR connection and trying to smell the roses, yours,

The Girl in HR’s October Wellness Challenge

September wasn’t bad — wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad — I’m almost solely on water and eating more vegetables. Working out is still hit or miss — and no yoga (sniff, I really miss it!) I also did a 14 day challenge with my co-workers — it was no joke hard — 10,000 steps (5 miles), 800 jumping jacks (or equivalent), and then 1 minute of sit ups, pushups, and air squats — my body hates me.  I don’t see any changes, but I can feel it. Probably still eating too many cookies 🙂

October’s challenge — let’s keep it simple — its a plank challenge.  I hate core/ab work — so this is going to be hard for me — albeit, “simple” to keep track of — try it with me!

To our health! Making the HR connection, yours,

Its Not News Its a Distraction – Video Resignation Goes Viral

With all the talk about the government shut down I thought it was TOTALLY time for a “distraction” — and I found a great one!

Check this out!

Writer Marina Shifrin sure knows how to quit a job in style — and her video went viral.  (PS one of my fav Kanye songs)

And in a fun and appropriate response, Marina’s former employer announce that they are hiring (and with Marina well).

Thanks Mashable!

Got any great videos to share as part of a “distraction” — or any resignation stories?