Not Just a Girl in HR — Other Stuff

Here are some of my other interests and pages — in case you wanted to know a bit more about what else makes The Girl in HR tick.

      • My Wardrobe Challenge: Imagine wearing only 6 articles of clothing for one month — follow along my journey and my lessons learned during the challenge — and afterwards!
      • Sunday Domestic Diva: Follow along with me and all my domestic diva-ness– Mainly devoted to my cooking/baking endeavors, but you’ll also find other other home and garden projects that I’ve tried out — some are more successful than others. Hanna Homemaker or Betty Crocker I am not, but doesn’t mean that I don’t give it my best — on Sundays 🙂
      • adeversegirlsworld: I’m a diverse girl — I’ve got lots of interests and projects — check ’em out here!
      • My Pinterest Page: Take a peek at some of the other things that I like
      • My boring Instagam Feed — you’ll need to follow it in order to view it
        • Instagram
      • New Mom/Baby Links and stuff I’ve found helpful

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