The Girl in HR’s October Wellness Challenge

September wasn’t bad — wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad — I’m almost solely on water and eating more vegetables. Working out is still hit or miss — and no yoga (sniff, I really miss it!) I also did a 14 day challenge with my co-workers — it was no joke hard — 10,000 steps (5 miles), 800 jumping jacks (or equivalent), and then 1 minute of sit ups, pushups, and air squats — my body hates me.  I don’t see any changes, but I can feel it. Probably still eating too many cookies 🙂

October’s challenge — let’s keep it simple — its a plank challenge.  I hate core/ab work — so this is going to be hard for me — albeit, “simple” to keep track of — try it with me!

To our health! Making the HR connection, yours,


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