July 2017 #CarnivalofHR

july2017carnivalI’m SUPER excited to host this month’s Carnival of HR! I’m still riding high from last month’s #SHRM17 and all the amazing learnings and take-aways. I asked this months’ carnival participants highlight “topics that have been top of mind for you.” I know that for me I’ve been doing a lot of  thinking about healthcare and benefits (ACA? Repeal/Replace? Open Enrollment?) — but I know that there has also been ton of talk about  leadership or the rise of AI in recruiting.  But really — I asked the bloggers:  Tell me whats’ been happening in YOUR corner of the world!  They didn’t disappoint!  As a long time reader, occasional submitter, and first time host — welcome to the July HR Carnival!

As HR becomes more strategic, so does need for outsourcing

Judy Lindenberger

You’ve got a seat at “the table” … now how are you using it? Judy discusses how to leverage outsourcing in order to allow HR to have an even more strategic presence for their organizations.

Older workers as the solution to unfilled jobs?

Michael Haberman 

Mike offers a fresh take on the generational workplace highlighting some of the reasons why we should incorporate “older workers” in our talent strategies and what it takes for your firm to make that transition.

New generations are spawning! Birth of the Nano-Generation

Paul Hebert

And because I like a little bit of balance, Paul gets readers up to speed on the new generational group – the Xennials — what I like to think of as a kind of proverbial middle child to the Xers and Millennials.

Take note: addressing bad behavior in the workplace

Stephanie Hammerwold

I love a good pun! Stephanie discusses the whys, hows, and whats of taking notes and documentation for workplace investigations.

Why women lose the he said-she said debate

Dorothy Dalton

A great post from Dorothy! “My recent interest has been sexual harassment in tech and elsewhere and how a situation shifts a gear if a woman gets male support.”

Evaluating character

Yvonne LaRose

“There’s a lot on my mind at this time… [I’ve submitted a piece] about scrutinizing the truth of representations candidates make about their abilities and interests and another piece that relates to diversity and surviving under the pressure of stereotypes.”

Send a note !!

Steve Browne

I dig Steve’s message — “I want to see humans (especially HR) connect more.” I couldn’t agree more!

Lookin’ for HR love in all the wrong places

Robin Schooling

As someone who is TOTALLY guilty of buying all of the “I love HR” gear I can get my hands on … for myself — and others… I loved this piece from Robin on looking to gain promoters for HR OUTSIDE of HR professionals.

Are you a first-time manager? 6 tips to start off right

Jesse Lyn Stoner

“The leap from individual contributor to first-time manager is one of the biggest leaps you can make. Here are 6 tips to help ensure your leap isn’t over the edge of a cliff.”

You’re wrong about HR

Katee Van Horn

Whether your company’s firm is “good HR” or “bad HR,” Katee walks you through the responsibilities of an HR department to curb sexual harassment and what makes HR an approachable place for employees.

The victim language of Mitch McConnell

Tim Gardner

“…this isn’t … an HR post, though it reflects how important it is for HR folks to listen carefully to the word choices of their employees.”

L&D Roundup

Jennifer Juo

“Today’s learning & development (L&D) professionals must rethink how they approach workplace learning and constantly think out of the box when it comes to nurturing talent. Our L&D roundup highlights the top 5 most innovative L&D ideas and trends to take a look at…”

Hope you enjoyed this month’s HR Carnival!


I’m Still Here! What the Girl in HR has been up to!

WOW — its been a while!

I’d like to say that its because I’ve been taking a break – but its actually been almost anything but. I’m burning the candle at both ends and my blog here has suffered a bit.

I just wanted to give a quick update on where else has been taking me away these last few months 🙂 –and where else you might be able to find me, in case you need to get your Girl in HR fix 😉

  • I’ve put a ton of energy into my HR mentoring program and trying to take it to a “whole. ‘nother. leevl.” 🙂 Its been fun and a lot of great learnings — and has been a great playground to try new things and experiment (that will likely make its way on to this blog!). Working with new HR pros has been so fun for me and exciting for me and while I’ve been pouring a whole lot in — I feel like I’m getting a ton out!
    • See what I’ve been writing and talking about on the blog here — there are a number of ways to engage with the group including Facebook and Twitter. While the mentoring program is geared towards students thru new HR pro many of the topics that we discuss span across all HR pros regardless of how many years of experience that they may have– what changes is what you bring to the topic depending on your experience. I introduced a series (well do two posts really count as a series… uh, yeah, I just decided it does) called “Imagine Your the HR Person” — inspired largely by what I do here on taking current events and “making the HR connection”
  • I’m working on my third stint as a committee lead for the South Texas HR Symposium. ITS AWESOME –and its gonna ROCK!  The event will be Jan 15-16 and is one of the best deals in HR conferences. Its a great event (and I’m not just saying that as a member of the team who plans it) — we have lots of great speakers and things planned (networking, happy hour, silent auction. Yes, Yes and YES!!) I can’t wait to tell you more about it — and introduce you to the conference if you’ve never heard of it before — we’d love to have you out event in Jan, but if that doesn’t work with your schedule then want to get it on your can radar for 2016 (yes we’re already talking about the 2016 event!) Find out more at the symposium website and follow the thread on Twitter #STXHRS and #HRRocks

These are some fellow committee members Raquel, Melanie and Carey #HRRocks


  • Also happening in January, I officially officially become a board member of the San Antonio HR Management Association (SAHRMA)— I was elected as the college relations board member. I’m honored and stoked to serve with these amazing HR pros!

The 2015 SAHRMA Board


The holidays are coming up — so that some extra cray cray that coming to my world (seriously, is Thanksgiving really next week?!?!) but I love this time of year! … and honestly, wouldn’t have it any other way! I do miss my blog tho – but find me on Facebook, Twitter, and in a few other my other side projects :).

What about you — whats been going on with you? Are things getting crazy in your world with the holidays around the corner?

Making the HR connection, yours,

Infographic: How Employees Are Wasting Time

I came across this infographic on time wasters of employees and wanted to share– and be sure to take a look at the graphic — its about inefficiencies — not about employees goofing off. I’m not crazy about the title of the graphic, but I have to admit, it is what grabbed my attention. Do you have these in your office?

Rypple, the creator of the infographic, proposes “cloud based unified communication” systems as the answer — what do you think — does that solve all the problems or are there other possible solutions? Does it depend on the size of the organization? Geography? Industry?

I’d venture to say “yes” — but I’m almost always in the camp of “there is no one right solution for everyone, but there is a right solution for you.” Its usually never as simple as the infographic makes it, IMHO. However, what I do agree with, it finding ways to help make employees as efficient as possible. There are certainly things in the HR space – both programmatic and tech that can help with this. Ultimately, HR should be what “HR people” do — and employees should not have to worry about it. They should be able to focus on the tasks at hand that help to contribute back to the bottom line and customer service. We should always be mindful of how to remove those barriers. Some of the points in the graphic are not generally things owned by HR — however, if it impacts the employee, a large piece of me is inclined to say that we should get involved to help move those barriers out of the way — we may not be able to directly solve it, but we can get things going, bring the right people together, and help make the case for change.

Making the HR connection, yours

Strategic Relationship Coming Between @IHRIM and @SHRM Annouced at #IHRIM2014

I’m fresh off my #IHRIM2014 conference experience — and what can I say — It. Was. Awesome.

My bucket is FULL. My neurons are firing. My to-do list has grown (which actually excites me). I have new contacts and my network has grown. I have dozens of blogs started that I just need to sit down and finish. However, one thing I’m a little surprised that hasn’t gotten more attention is the announcement that @IHRIM is working with @SHRM to create a strategic alliance (relationships/partnership).
My ears immediately perked up as soon as I heard it and I nudged my collegeue who was sitting next to me (Stephanie @HRHammer who is a fellow contributor at during the announcement made over lunch. I’ve waited a bit to do much with it because I wanted to see what else was out there about it — but is been mostly crickets.

I’m sure that we’ll hear more to come soon. My guess  — my gut (and its only my gut because they haven’t said anything else about it) is that it is somehow related to the new #SHRMcerts and their new competency model.

It kinda makes sense though that bringing in the HRIM function more formally to their competency model.  I also have a feeling that they may try to find a way to convert the IHRIM certifications (they have their own certifications and processes) into the SHRM certs as well. OR maybe IHRIM is going to somehow fold into SHRM?

I’d welcome most any of these combos — I’m a PHR holder and I work in HRIM (and have for sometime). The IHRIM association is so well organized, friendly, and knowledgeable — I would not want to lose that — its a great support to HRIM professionals and continues to help push the function forward.  But all that aside — we’re all still not sure what the new certifications *really* mean.  I’m also curious to see if other HR specific organizations will start to form “partnerships” — there are some in the talent acquisition, benefits, and compensation space.

SO much speculation… the suspense is killing me 🙂

You heard it hear first…

Anyhoo — its all speculation at this point. We’re gonna have to wait until SHRM National to hear more. They are making more information available however. I did notice that they have some serious overhauls to their FAQs and really beefed them up– so if you haven’t checked them out in a while, it may be worth revisiting.

I guess its the waiting game for another couple of weeks … but if you hear anything in regards to some of the other HR-related associations, I’d love to hear about it.

Waiting to hear what it all means 😉 — yours