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Its Not News, Its a Distraction: 12th Doctor Revealed Live on TV

“Who” am I kidding (pun intended)  I LOVE Dr. Who!!! Those who know me, know I’m a Whovian! I’m giddy with excitement and thought that this was too cool NOT to share — the Twelfth Doctor to be Revealed This Sunday — Live on TV! How novel is that?!?  Want to know what I’ll be doing to “relax, relate, release” this weekend — wonder no more! 

Be it “man, woman, otter,” Matt Smith just wants to see the right person take the role of the Twelfth Doctor, and it looks like that person may have been found as the Whovian rumor mill revved into gear Thursday with word that the next Doctor will be announced during a BBC special airing this weekend, which the BBC confirmed as true much to fans’ relief.


Guesses as to who the next doctor will be? … and while we’re chatting, got a favorite doctor?

Taking a lil break, from making the HR connection (DON’T BLINK), yours,

Its Not News Its a Distraction — NEW Pearl Jam Album Coming

I LOVE Music! I Love Eddie Vedder! I Love Pearl Jam — and I’m excited about this new album — not sure that I’m going to pre-order it, but you can bet what I’ll be listening to at work all day on October 15!

… and what I’ll be listening to the rest of the evening — Hear “Mind Your Manners”, the first single from Pearl Jam’s tenth studio album, Lightning Bolt

Making of the album clip and official audio of “Mind Your Manners” below!

Rawking on (as I make the HR Connection), yours, thegirlinhr

Its Not News, Its a Distraction – #Rikering

So as a fan of Star Trek The Next Generation (and Star Trek in general) I get a kick out of all the videos that are popping up of Rikering — haven’t heard of it –check it out!

Just in case you see anyone Rikering at your office … now ya know what’s up. Are you gonna give it a try?

Its Not News, Its a Distraction — 17 Things About the Oscar Host, Seth MacFarlane

I am a big Seth MacFarlane fan (Brian from Family Guy –is probably one of my fav characters ever! and seriously the guy is wicked talented) — thought that this was a little fun to share — especially with the awards show coming up later this evening.

Its not news, its a distraction! Yours, the girlinhr 🙂

The world’s biggest actors, actresses and Oscar nominees are a hard crowd to please and they don’t take personal stabs lightly, so MacFarlane will have to tread lightly. He’s encouraged to be funny, but he can’t afford to be offensive.

Before the show airs Sunday night (7 p.m. EST on ABC), here are some things you need to know about the first-time host:

    1. MacFarlane is 39 years old and lives in Los Angeles, Calif.
    2. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where he studied animation.
    3. He named his production company “Fuzzy Door” because the door to his apartment when he attended Rhode Island School of Design was covered in fur.
    4. He began drawing cartoons at 2 years old and published his comic strip “Walter Crouton” in his hometown newspaper by the age of 8.
    5. He has three animated shows on Fox: “Family Guy,” “American Dad,” and “The Cleveland Show.” Those, together with his big-screen summer hit “Ted,” make him worth an estimated 36 million.
    6. He voices three of the main characters on “Family Guy”: Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin and the dog, Brian.
    7. In “Ted,” he is the voice of Ted, the foulmouthed, bong-hitting teddy bear, opposite Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.
    8. In 2008, Entertainment Weekly named him “The Smartest Person on TV.”
    9. He was nominated for a Grammy in 2011 for a solo album that has him singing ’40s and ’50s American classics, and he won two Emmys, one in 2000 and the second in 2002.
    10. He took vocal lessons from Lee and Sally Sweetland, who trained Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra.
    11. He is a gifted pianist.
    12. His Twitter account is less funny than you would expect. He has 3.6 million followers, retweets often, and updates it almost every day.
    13. He hosted the first “Saturday Night Live” of the current season on Sept. 15, 2012.
    14. He was scheduled to be on one of the hijacked planes of 9/11 (American Airlines Flight 11, which crashed into the World Trade Center North Tower) but missed the flight. His travel agent, who gave him the wrong boarding time, effectively saved his life.
    15. He used the word “erection” in one Oscar promo. ABC refused to air it but it appeared online and ESPN ran it.
    16. Previous Academy Awards hosts that inspire him and from whom he’ll try to take cue are Billy Crystal, Johnny Carson and Bob Hope. MacFarlane also thinks that next year, Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler will host the awards ceremony.
    17. His post-Oscars project is rumored to be another big screen film, this time a Western starring Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried and MacFarlane himself.

via Who Is Seth MacFarlane? 17 Things You Need To Know About Sunday’s Academy Awards Host.



Its Not News Its a Distraction: Brett’s Angry Dance

Free off the heels of the “How Do You Deal with Stress” post… I thought I’d post the video to Brett’s Angry Dance — and if you haven’t already seen or heard of the Flight of the Conchords — I totally recommend — laughing is always a good way to relieve some stress!

Its not news, its a distraction! Yours, thegirlinhr

Gayatri Devi, M.D.: How Do I Improve My Memory? Forget More!

Do you know what is essential for a good memory? The ability to forget. To completely and thoroughly forget. Forgetting, like breathing or sleeping, is physiologically normal. This is at odds with our modern compulsion to record and remember everything and is a perfect recipe for anxiety.

Deb Roy, a cognitive science professor at MIT studying language, recorded 8-10 hours daily of the first three years of his son’s home life. He compiled a quarter million hours of audio and video, creating a 200,000 gigabyte “ultimate memory machine.” Consider how much information each of us is exposed to in 24 hours, on streets, subways, screens and in sleep. Imagine recording and remembering all this. Thankfully, we were never meant to.

Fact: We are evolutionarily programmed to forget. Our brains evolved over millennia with built-in forgetfulness. Our brain is engineered to remember tastes, smells, voices, touch and visions, not names. Our brain is engineered to solve problems (How do we keep track of cattle? Mathematics; How do I communicate? Language), not remember disjointed facts. A fact not linked to a sense, an emotion, or a concept is quickly forgotten.

via Gayatri Devi, M.D.: How Do I Improve My Memory? Forget More!.

How To Deal With Negative People & Gossip in a Positive Way | Young and Raw

I got this post from one of my fav healthy eating sites — which you may want to check out sometime — another one of my interest, even though its something that I really struggle with. Anyhoo — as HR Pros, managers, and leaders gossip and positivity are a big part of what is going on within our companies, teams, and employees so I wanted to share and get some thoughts.

Do you have a “negative Nelly” on your team (or in your life) — or are you ever negative?

Its the new year — and for many people performance review time — and its a great time to think about change and re-enforcing the right behaviors!

How To Deal With Negative People & Gossip in a Positive Way | Young and Raw.

Holiday Shopping Clearance — The Preparation!


I got my career and work experience start in retail — and I’ve spend many a rainy afternoon in the malls shopping for deals — so I have some tips that might be helpful to you if you’re looking to join all those folks out there trying to get a jump on next year’s deals… and save some bucks doing it.

I’m going to share my strategy with you.

Before you even think about going out shopping — you need a plan. Your plan should consist of THREE main parts: What do you need, What do you have space to store, and what’s your budget.

I used to work for a “big box retailer” right out of college and its tempting just buy whatever is on clearance. Well I learned the hard way that I ended up with my pick of the clearance shelves, but it was either stuff that I didn’t need or had no place to store — and if you don’t need it, guess what? You’re not saving money.

I start out with what do I have space to store. When I was living in an apartment I decided that I could have 3 storage boxes max of winter/holiday stuff. I just didn’t have a lot of storage space in some of my apartments and it was a pain to move. So in the early days, I didn’t even have a tree — but some lights and other decorations that I could put around my place. When I moved to a house I uped the number of boxes and since I’ve moved again, and I’ve increased it by one more box. Decide what you can dedicate to storage first.

Then I take a look at what I need. True story. About 5 years ago, I caught a 90% off Christmas clearance at a Target store. You don’t see clearance go down that far typically — but this store still had a decent selection of stuff. At 90% off I bought a cart load of wrapping paper. I joke that I have enough wrapping paper to wrap my grandkids presents in — and I haven’t started having kids yet. 🙂 So while tempting, I don’t buy wrapping paper. The ONE exception is if I can find “neutral” paper that I can use to wrap gifts in year round — so things with bubbles, stripes, plain paper — and I just buy a few of them. I also look for themes. Since I have a retail background I’ve always brought home stuff, even if I didn’t need it. My holiday collection has been growing since I was 16. However when I started to get more “serious” .. well rather conscience of growing it, I started to look at themes. I liked red and silver together, so initially I focused on buying clearance items that were red and silver. Then after several years I had tons of silver, so I started to do blue so that I could switch it up a bit. And this year I got some greens and pinks for a different look. Remember, you can build a collection over time — and it helps to focus on key pieces or colors. 

Finally, I set a budget. Its easy to go overboard if you haven’t nailed down the other two points — but remember, you’re looking for deals so the idea isn’t to break the bank. Set something that is realistic. Most years, there is no reason for me to go over 100 dollars — unless I’m looking for a big item like a new tree. Although the current tree that I have I got for 30 bucks — and I a complete ornament set for 30 bucks that I got the year before — so deals are out there to be had.

So now you have some work to do!

Come back for the next piece to this series — WHEN, WHAT, and WHERE to buy — if you think that you’re going to make a marathon trip the day after Christmas you’re missing the point — and some really good deals!