Strategic Relationship Coming Between @IHRIM and @SHRM Annouced at #IHRIM2014

I’m fresh off my #IHRIM2014 conference experience — and what can I say — It. Was. Awesome.

My bucket is FULL. My neurons are firing. My to-do list has grown (which actually excites me). I have new contacts and my network has grown. I have dozens of blogs started that I just need to sit down and finish. However, one thing I’m a little surprised that hasn’t gotten more attention is the announcement that @IHRIM is working with @SHRM to create a strategic alliance (relationships/partnership).
My ears immediately perked up as soon as I heard it and I nudged my collegeue who was sitting next to me (Stephanie @HRHammer who is a fellow contributor at Blogging4Jobs.com) during the announcement made over lunch. I’ve waited a bit to do much with it because I wanted to see what else was out there about it — but is been mostly crickets.

I’m sure that we’ll hear more to come soon. My guess  — my gut (and its only my gut because they haven’t said anything else about it) is that it is somehow related to the new #SHRMcerts and their new competency model.

It kinda makes sense though that bringing in the HRIM function more formally to their competency model.  I also have a feeling that they may try to find a way to convert the IHRIM certifications (they have their own certifications and processes) into the SHRM certs as well. OR maybe IHRIM is going to somehow fold into SHRM?

I’d welcome most any of these combos — I’m a PHR holder and I work in HRIM (and have for sometime). The IHRIM association is so well organized, friendly, and knowledgeable — I would not want to lose that — its a great support to HRIM professionals and continues to help push the function forward.  But all that aside — we’re all still not sure what the new certifications *really* mean.  I’m also curious to see if other HR specific organizations will start to form “partnerships” — there are some in the talent acquisition, benefits, and compensation space.

SO much speculation… the suspense is killing me 🙂

You heard it hear first…

Anyhoo — its all speculation at this point. We’re gonna have to wait until SHRM National to hear more. They are making more information available however. I did notice that they have some serious overhauls to their FAQs and really beefed them up– so if you haven’t checked them out in a while, it may be worth revisiting.

I guess its the waiting game for another couple of weeks … but if you hear anything in regards to some of the other HR-related associations, I’d love to hear about it.

Waiting to hear what it all means 😉 — yours