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Its Not News, Its a Distration: Your Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

So, this week as you see the flowers, bears, hearts come out on desks and hallways I thought it’d be fun to get folks thoughts on the holiday.

Do you find that your employees (or other loved ones) are a little distracted — or people getting a little down, maybe you get some divas or some drama?  Or is it just, “business as usual.”

Okay — I wouldn’t say that I’m overly girly or romantic — but I really like Valentine’s Day. I’m totally the one cutting out paper hearts, decorating the house, baking stuff for co-workers, putting pink dog collars on my dogs — I just think its fun. Last year I

made handmade crafts for my team. Its less about over

This is one of my pups – pretty in pink… hearts!

the top stuffed animals and dozens and dozens of roses — I just like spreading the message of love.  As a kid, I always loved writing the little cards to classmates — I just thought it was fun (and sweet) – I always wrote a special message on each one and took care match up the cards with each person (Individualization much?!? Yup its in my top 5). Whether I have a boyfriend or not, a date or not, roses or not (tulips are really more my thing) — I dig the day! Its nice to see people smile. 🙂

… and this year, Valentine’s day is on a Friday — even better!!!

Your Thoughts on Valentines Day
Just another day, what’s the big deal
I like to do a little some-something with loved ones and friends
I go all out
I protest it, its a made-up holiday
I don’t really care, but if I don’t do something, I’ll hear about it

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