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Hello Summer and Monthly Wellness Challenge

May’s always been a big month and an important month — it has always triggered for me — “Summer is Coming!” — June 1, says, “Summer is HERE!” Yeah I know that its technically not until later in the month — but by all measures of the phrase, for me (and our A/C, which we’re been running since late March/Early April) its Summer.

Fall is probably my favorite season, but next is Summer. I love the sun (but not the over-bearing heat). The longer days. The various holidays. The blooming flowers. Now I’m not in school and we don’t have kids yet – so my day to day doesn’t really change — so I’m sure its more nostalgic than anything. Going back to my school days.. summer was the opportunity to take a break before getting ready for the next grade — almost like cleaning the slate.

With that in mind — I thought that I’d bring back my monthly wellness challenges. I quietly did away with them because I failed each one — despite putting “it out there” to help hold myself accountable. I’d come close with a few of them, but never accomplished my goals. That’s not my normal character — so frankly, I found it demotivating.  Well — I thought June was a good time to bring it back — but scale it back. Well that was the original intent — but then after thinking about my wellness goals — I know I have a big goal in front of me because I want to greatly reduce the amount of sugar in my diet.  There are several blogs that I recently started to follow to help inspire me in the kitchen with recipes — that pointed me to a few other sites around cooking and fitness … and that’s where I got my call to action.

First — it took my some time to *really* understand that sugar has addictive properties! DOH! But when I did some more searches and started to looking into it, I am just shocked and dumbfounded. I almost feel silly now that I didn’t have greater awareness. I’ve been reading labels more — and can’t believe all the places that it sneaks into my food. So even when I’m trying to make a “better” choice (backing away from the chocolate, candy, and cookies) I choose something that is laden with sugar. Ugh!

My struggle is going to be finding the time as a busy professional to create and cook more at home — where I know what I am putting into my meas and saying “no” to all the sugary-goodness that finds its way to my desk at work.  Food is EVERYWHERE and while I applaud the fact that we do have healthy options at my office – -they are sadly far less abundant than the unhealthy ones and a bit more expensive.  Its just too easy to pick up the unhealthier stuff — its cheaper, faster, and more readily available.

The more I think about it, the more it sounds like I’m making excuses — so I want to put a plan in place and really take the right steps to reset and make a long term change. I’d love to think that I have the potential to be a great homemaker — but I’m terrible at cooking and doing things in the kitchen – -so this is going to be something new for me to learn AND embrace.Also getting my sig-o on board. We have wildly different bodies, metabolisms, and even, worse, tastes in foods. So its also going to be an adventure in finding things that we both like, both need for our bodies (he could stand to put some weight on and I would like to take some off), and fitting in the time to organize it and make it work. I also think that some planning and advanced prep will help too. I’m inspired and have some awareness — and I think that’s a big piece in trying to start and commit any big change.


I actually think its easier at home than it is at work — Aside from what I get for my sig-o for junk food (which isn’t much and mostly stuff that I don’t like)- I don’t keep much in the house. I’m good to turn down the chips and cokes (that he loves) and some of the other sweets at the house — although I’m a sucker for Blue Bell Cookie and Cream Ice Cream.  I going to try to make some incremental changes instead of doing my usual thing of going from guardrail to guardrail.

So my goals for the month of June

  • Say “NO” to all those temptations at work — cut out the obvious food baddies
  • Take my lunch to work; and if one is provided, pass over the junk food and the bread
  • Charge up my fitbit and hit my daily goal 4 out of 7 days each week

I juice and do green smoothies in the AMs, but I’m not all that consistent about it — so I while not making it a formal “goal” I’m going to work on that too — and be very mindful of fruit to veggie ratio to make sure that I have more of the latter.

Any other suggestions that you’d give me as I start this journey — or interesting reads/blogs? I’ll share a list soon of some of the ones that I’m currently following.

Getting my wellness challenge on, yours,





November 2013 Wellness Challenge

So — I’m having a terrible run with these monthly wellness challenges. 🙂  I don’t think that I’ve completed one successfully yet – -but I’ve learned a lot and continue to try.

I was SO close with the October challenge — I even got others involved, but being out sick for almost 2 weeks made is a no-go. I got up to 2 minutes pretty and heard from a fitness coach that a 2 minute plank is “respectable” — but I still want to get to that 5 minutes — so I’m still working on that and plan to pick up again at 2 minute marker.

My focus for November is to try eating Clean. I’ve heard a lot about it and my guy and I want to give it a serious attempt. So I’m reading up on it and making a plan and want to try to eat clean for a week.  I also am making a serious attempt at work life balance, so I also wanted to plan a trip before the end of the year — and I’ve got that in the book! CHECK!

I’ll tell you how it goes at the end of the month! What about you — what are some of your wellness challenges for the month?


The Girl in HR’s September Wellness Challenge

Well .. August’s challenge was a bust!

I had pretty much failed the goals by the end of the week, so I think I will try to restructure them so that it doesn’t seem like its an “all or nothing” kind of thing because even though I failed I actually made some great strides.

August was a challenging month for me — it as ALL work and NO play. Seriously, I was working some 12-16 hour days at my ‘day’ job — which left little time for anything outside of work (including my blog, I had only a few posts last month) and a couple of side projects that I’m working on with my local SHRM chapter. I’ll catch yall up on those later.

Here is where I landed for August:

  • Only water (fruit infused water is okay) and try to get my recommended daily dose (I live in Texas, its hard to stay hydrated) – FAIL – I had mostly water about 95% of the time and tea and lemonade on a few occasions, but sodas (regular and diet are out)
  • 6 veggies a day (I’m planning juicing and doing green smoothies — YUM) – FAIL – the days I was in the office this worked, I even brought a little fridge to the office for my juices, but the weekends was all about sleep
  • two meatless dinners a week (may be a challenge as my sig-o LOVES meat and expects meat at EVERY meal) – FAIL — I did get one in a week and found some great new recipes
  • two yoga classes a week – FAIL – I didn’t get away not once during the month to a single yoga class
  • run 10 miles a week – FAIL – so close every week, but never made the ten miles.

So September Goals — I want to rollover the August ones 🙂 with some revisions

  • 95% water-only  (fruit infused water is okay)
  • 1 green smoothie/juice a day or eat the equivalent of 6 veggies
  • eight meatless meals over the month
  • get to the yoga class
  • 50 miles during the month

I’ll check in with you at the end of the month! How did your wellness and fitness goals go over the month of August?

Getting my health on! yours,

The Girl in HR’s August Wellness Challenge

I’m a girl and I work in HR — I spent a good part of my career in the benefits, health, and welfare space so being “healthier” is always on my mind (I suck at it, but its on my mind). Its on the mind of your employees too! As leaders we can help take steps to make some options to make healthy choices available — but the choice is still up to the employee.

But that’s the hard part — for me anyways — making the right choice.  Options sometimes mean planning ahead — so, start of a new month, a new week, a perfect time to plan!

I thought that I’d share some of my monthly health challenges — maybe to inspire others to start their own or maybe have folks join along, or maybe just simply for the piece of accountability I get when I have this on my blog.

So here are August’s Wellness Goals

  • Only water (fruit infused water is okay) and try to get my recommended daily dose (I live in Texas, its hard to stay hydrated)
  • 6 veggies a day (I’m planning juicing and doing green smoothies — YUM)
  • two meatless dinners a week (may be a challenge as my sig-o LOVES meat and expects meat at EVERY meal)
  • two yoga classes a week
  • run 10 miles a week

I’ll check in with you at the end of the month!

Getting my health on! yours,