I’m Still Here! What the Girl in HR has been up to!

WOW — its been a while!

I’d like to say that its because I’ve been taking a break – but its actually been almost anything but. I’m burning the candle at both ends and my blog here has suffered a bit.

I just wanted to give a quick update on where else has been taking me away these last few months 🙂 –and where else you might be able to find me, in case you need to get your Girl in HR fix 😉

  • I’ve put a ton of energy into my HR mentoring program and trying to take it to a “whole. ‘nother. leevl.” 🙂 Its been fun and a lot of great learnings — and has been a great playground to try new things and experiment (that will likely make its way on to this blog!). Working with new HR pros has been so fun for me and exciting for me and while I’ve been pouring a whole lot in — I feel like I’m getting a ton out!
    • See what I’ve been writing and talking about on the blog here — there are a number of ways to engage with the group including Facebook and Twitter. While the mentoring program is geared towards students thru new HR pro many of the topics that we discuss span across all HR pros regardless of how many years of experience that they may have– what changes is what you bring to the topic depending on your experience. I introduced a series (well do two posts really count as a series… uh, yeah, I just decided it does) called “Imagine Your the HR Person” — inspired largely by what I do here on taking current events and “making the HR connection”
  • I’m working on my third stint as a committee lead for the South Texas HR Symposium. ITS AWESOME –and its gonna ROCK!  The event will be Jan 15-16 and is one of the best deals in HR conferences. Its a great event (and I’m not just saying that as a member of the team who plans it) — we have lots of great speakers and things planned (networking, happy hour, silent auction. Yes, Yes and YES!!) I can’t wait to tell you more about it — and introduce you to the conference if you’ve never heard of it before — we’d love to have you out event in Jan, but if that doesn’t work with your schedule then want to get it on your can radar for 2016 (yes we’re already talking about the 2016 event!) Find out more at the symposium website and follow the thread on Twitter #STXHRS and #HRRocks

These are some fellow committee members Raquel, Melanie and Carey #HRRocks


  • Also happening in January, I officially officially become a board member of the San Antonio HR Management Association (SAHRMA)— I was elected as the college relations board member. I’m honored and stoked to serve with these amazing HR pros!

The 2015 SAHRMA Board


The holidays are coming up — so that some extra cray cray that coming to my world (seriously, is Thanksgiving really next week?!?!) but I love this time of year! … and honestly, wouldn’t have it any other way! I do miss my blog tho – but find me on Facebook, Twitter, and in a few other my other side projects :).

What about you — whats been going on with you? Are things getting crazy in your world with the holidays around the corner?

Making the HR connection, yours,

30 Second Video – Networking Takeaways

I started a mentoring program with my local SHRM chapter (SAHRMA) for current students and new HR professionals. This is the second cohort of the program and since I have some folks now to help me conduct the program I decided to take on a mentoring group myself.
Being in the mentoring group with the program creator may not be easy since I use my group as guinea pigs … but I wanted to pilot virtual mentoring sessions so we met using Google Hangouts. We had only a few hiccups but otherwise it was a great session. Our topic for the session was about, “How and Why to Network.”
I made a short video to play around with some animation tools (always testing something new — I tried “GoAnimate“) and record some notes in a fun way. Well… success… kinda… I could only make a 30 second video (which kinda sucks, but hey, its free, so ya get what you get) but I think some good takeaways nonetheless. Next meeting — I think I’m going to record the hangout and continue to find some other software to use to do some video recapping (30 seconds is pretty short, but 60 seconds would be about the right ballpark).
Anyhoo — here after all that buildup — here is the recap video!

In other news, GoAnimate is, meh, okay… at least the free version (time limit and the embed links don’t work — I had to get kinda creative with that image and link above). Have suggestions of other animation software I should try?

Get your network on — and share your tips here or on our Facebook groups!

Making the HR connection, yours,

Be a Mentor. Find a Mentor. The Missing Piece – Have a Plan!

I read this great article this evening, The 3 Career Mentors Everyone Should Have and it reminded me how important it is to take and participate in active mentoring. I’ve found that the last couple of years, I’ve worn the hat of “mentor”  — but I really need to get back into being the “mentee.” I just haven’t found the right mentor — well that’s the lie I tell myself. Truthfully, I haven’t been looking.

“If you’re waiting to find a mentor who looks like you, you may be waiting a long time.”

I attended #SHRM12 last month in Atlanta, GA and this article immediately reminded me of the opening conference speech by Condoleezza Rice. She spoke on many topics and I gained TONS of nuggets of wisdom. She spoke specifically on mentoring and said, “If you’re waiting to find a mentor who looks like you, you may be waiting a long time.” I LOVE that sentiment because it drives empowerment and ownership in your career. That kind of talk really speaks to me. It moved me to action and I wanted to find some “new” mentors! But when I went back to my office, I fizzled out a bit about “WHO” to start a mentoring relationship with.

The great thing about the tips in this article is that it helps to gives guidance around finding a mentor for both short and longer term goals and while many may find that it has more of a professional slant — mentoring – mentee relationships don’t always have to be about the workplace. They may revolve around an activity, an attribute you like in someone else that you want to develop, or a subject/area that you want to get to know more about — and probably a dozen more reasons.

Take charge of your career and development! You’re in the driver seat!

Drive your career and development! Find someone to mentor you! And find someone to mentor!

Spend the rest of the month of July coming up with your requirements (PM talk for what do you need to get out of a mentoring relationship) and then come up with your plan and identify some resources. And focus on August to get  something started — many of us have just completed mid year performance reviews or assessments —  career and development are top of mind!

I’m re-energized and back on track! Join me!