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Its Not News, Its a Distraction: Happy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Day

Ah .. one of my favorite movies and one of my all time favorite movie-quotables (see below)– I JUST found out that today was “Happy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” Day. I’m just coming off an awesome #IHRIM2014 conference, so I was in the office today — but I’ve got it on the calendar for next year.

Thanks to some heroic statistical sleuthing by Baseball Prospectus’s Larry Granillo, we know the date: June 5, 1985.

Granillo pinpointed the date by scrutinizing some fragmented data in the film about the Chicago Cubs game being played during the gang’s trip to Wrigley Field. “It appears obvious now,” writes Granillo, “that this is a real ballgame that Ferris is at, not just something recreated for a film crew. The Harry Caray play-by-play and the Braves players on the field are pretty solid evidence of that. So what game, then, are they watching?” After examining the box scores of games during the Cubs 1985 schedule, he ultimately concludes that it was the June 5, 1985 game against the Atlanta Braves (the visitors won 4-2).


Enjoy (and mark your calendars for next year 😉 ) …. and while you’re at it — make time for yourself we all deserve to have our own little Ferris Bueller Day — and you don’t even have to “fake out” your parents or take their car, cut the drama and just schedule the day ;),.

Taking a moment to stop and look around, yours,



Its Not News Its a Distraction: 2014 #ACL Lineup

Its an exiting day! They have released the big lineup for ACL 2014! So excited to see Pearl Jam will be returning to ACL — and with the new format, it will be for TWO weekends. Also due to the new format, I learned last year that I don’t have to make a mad dash to get tickets as I have in the past and then try to piece together a day or two here or there because I couldn’t get a weekend pass. This is really about making music available to everyone (yes I know its a steep pricetag, but hey, you’ve got headliners for three days worth of music– bargain to me!) — so this morning I took the puppies for a long walk and did not hoover over my computer for 2 hours trying to get tickets.

A great way to “relax, relate, and release” in my hometown — have you ever been? Its great (just don’t think that Austin is so cool that you want to move here — don’t believe the hype, its really a terrible place to live 😉 )


Wanna Sell to HR people… Don’t be a Bug a Boo

I’ve been going through some “old school” pop in my Spotify (shout out to all my #HRMusicShare peeps) playlist and Destiny Child’s Bug A Boo has been on my mind— because I feel like I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic, its a catchy song. This time of year an HR person can get pretty popular 🙂 — your phone, LinkedIn, and email may start blowing up from people wanting to sell something to you.

It can make you want to hide a little bit… but don’t sweat it.  Let me walk though some realizations that I had several years ago and a list of some of my “suggestions.”

When it comes to sales, you probably totally get that one has to make sales and cold calls. You get that you attend conferences, webinars, meetings and that by filling out the forms or putting my business card in a large fish bowl, you’re likely going to get a sales call about services that you might be interested in. I bt you also get the concept of  warm leads and follow up. You get sales — you buy stuff (or sell things) all the time.

However, what many of us don’t get is some of the aggressive tactics that some organizations take.

In general, for me,  I like to know what is out in the industry and in the market — so I’m generally pretty happy to do a demo and see what one has to offer. After all, I may not be looking for something now, but maybe in the future — or I may know of a colleague who is looking (… hmmm, this concept is sounding a lot like good networking practices in general).

In all likelihood I may actually be interested in the product or service, but the timing is all wrong. It doesn’t mean “not interested ever” but “not right now.”

Things like calling several times a day, asking to connect only to follow up immediately with a sales lead, asking me lots of leading and probing questions — well it kinda puts me in an awkward position and… could make you want to run and hide.

You know, I sold Mary Kay for a while (long story), but I used to get slammed all the time from the people in my unit that I wasn’t aggressive enough with closing the sale or massing a huge stack of “leads”… but its not how I like to sell things and its not how I like to be sold to. My style is more it to establish a rapport and then throw in, oh by the way, I sell Mary Kay, and then continue on. Its a plant. I generally wouldn’t sell anything that day, but I’d get follow up at a later time and generally had great repeat customers.  It was stress-free — they knew I had product that they were interested in and when they followed up, I knew that they had a genuine interest in learning more (and for me, that was where some of the real work came in).  My way, was just trying to meet and talk to people, put a bug in your ear, and then see who might be really interested. Some people would (and did) say that I was lazy .. but I thought it to be strategic. But then again, what do I know about selling anything… pink Cadillac never I had. Maybe I was doing it wrong. I’m just a girl in HR.  😉

My point, people should be running towards you and not away from you and you should be working with them at THEIR pace. It should be sincere and genuine. Not pushy or forced. We all  get quotas…. and commissions…  but I think you’ve also got to get people and how to be effective so that you’re spending time in the right place.

Okay.. .so enough about what we get and don’t get… here are some of my suggestions:

  • Do send a quick follow up email after a meeting, webinar, event, etc and say a bit about yourself, HOW WE MET (important) and some of your services – strike while the iron is hot.
  • If sending a LinkedIn connection be transparent about WHY you want to connect, especially if we don’t know each other. If we met at an event for sure throw that in there — helps make a human connection. If we don’t know each other, the first message shouldn’t be about what you want to sell me. Don’t use “connections” for that, that is more appropriate for the inmails or offers feature of LinkedIn.
  • Call once, but that’s it (maybe twice). I may be in meetings, out of the office, in training, busy, or not interested. All valid reasons. I’ll find you if I want to know more.
  • Do follow up with other information that I may find helpful, but don’t spam me and sign me up for all your email lists so that I’m getting one a day (or multiple) — that’s just going to annoy me and send all your stuff to the junk folder.  Back to my example, I might send out a quarterly letter of helpful skin care tips (often not even calling out my products) — just a reminder that I’m helpful and “still there.”
  • D0 ask for a good time to follow up or when might this be a more relevant time to talk.
  • Don’t take it personally, sometimes the answer is “no” .. that’s okay.
  • Take a hint… if not getting a response, its likely not the right time or the right contact, or it could be your style/approach– consider backing off a bit or trying to re-engage if you’ve started on the wrong foot
  • Show sincere interest in me as a person- its not just about selling me something, its about starting a relationship.
  • Don’t be pushy, rude, aggressive — meet people at where they are in the process. There is no wrong place to be.
  • Don’t try to call my colleagues and ask them to send a message to me or get them to call you back — in the ballpark of being too pushy and aggressive.
  • Be memorable, but for the right reasons.

Remember, people talk and share — so even if the answer is “no” or “not now” from me, if I have a good experience, I’m likely to pass you on — and even more likely to tell colleagues to of a bad experience if you’ve been to pushy.

So these are some of my thoughts and suggestions.. what are yours?

Making the HR connection, yours,

Still don’t know what a “bug a boo” is… check it out for yourself, consider it a bit of “its not news, its a distraction” treat for you.  Be forewarned, its a *catchy* song (and great to work out to).

Its Not News, Its a Distration: Your Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

So, this week as you see the flowers, bears, hearts come out on desks and hallways I thought it’d be fun to get folks thoughts on the holiday.

Do you find that your employees (or other loved ones) are a little distracted — or people getting a little down, maybe you get some divas or some drama?  Or is it just, “business as usual.”

Okay — I wouldn’t say that I’m overly girly or romantic — but I really like Valentine’s Day. I’m totally the one cutting out paper hearts, decorating the house, baking stuff for co-workers, putting pink dog collars on my dogs — I just think its fun. Last year I

made handmade crafts for my team. Its less about over

This is one of my pups – pretty in pink… hearts!

the top stuffed animals and dozens and dozens of roses — I just like spreading the message of love.  As a kid, I always loved writing the little cards to classmates — I just thought it was fun (and sweet) – I always wrote a special message on each one and took care match up the cards with each person (Individualization much?!? Yup its in my top 5). Whether I have a boyfriend or not, a date or not, roses or not (tulips are really more my thing) — I dig the day! Its nice to see people smile. 🙂

… and this year, Valentine’s day is on a Friday — even better!!!

Your Thoughts on Valentines Day
Just another day, what’s the big deal
I like to do a little some-something with loved ones and friends
I go all out
I protest it, its a made-up holiday
I don’t really care, but if I don’t do something, I’ll hear about it

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A few other reads to help with the “distraction” — a lil something for everyone:

Would love to hear your thoughts, stories, articles, and photos!

Making the HR connection, yours,

Its News and a Distraction: Mack Brown from the POV of a Player

A little detour to bring you my, “Its not news, its a distractions” piece– and depending on who you are, you may or may not disagree. I’m a huge Texas fan — and when I think of my days  growing up in Austin and attending UT, Texas Football is often on f those memories — and particularly, Mack Brown.

I haven’t said much either way about Texas Football — and imagine that many of you probably don’t care — but I was still a little bummed to hear that Brown had resigned. I came across this piece that a former player wrote, “Mack Brown, My Coach, A Player’s Perspective”— and it struck me as exactly all the things that I liked about Coach Brown and his program.  I’m gonna miss him and wonder what all will be next for him.

Its Not News, Its a Distraction – First Dog to Climb Mt. Everest

Okay so ignore the not great writing of the story and focus on the cutest dog ever (after my pooches of course) who accomplished something big and pretty cool!

A former stray dog has pulled himself up by the bootstraps and created a better life for himself. A life that includes becoming the first dog ever to climb Mount Everest.

Many of yall know that I’m a BIG animal lover — and LOVE dogs! While Rupee wasn’t trying to do anything “great” or break any world records, I imagine Rupee was just as happy as could be just hanging out with his person and doing something that they enjoyed together.  The bond between a person and their dog is special!

My take away–> GET OUT AND GET MOVING! And I’m going to take one of my furry friends with me! We love walking, hanging out in the park, people/squirrel watching, shopping (you’d be surprised the places where you can take your dog — especially in Austin — love it!), or grabbing a bit to eat at Sonic!

Need some more motivation and/or don’t have a dog? If you’re nearby I’m happy to let you “borrow” one of mine and we’ll adventure together! Otherwise, I know of a lot of dogs at local shelters who would love a caring human to take them on a long walk or play fetch with for a couple of hours.

You don’t have to climb Mt. Everest to make a difference or inspire — you’d still get “cool points” with me if you did either of ’em.

Make Today Great!



Its Not News Its a Distraction – Video Resignation Goes Viral

With all the talk about the government shut down I thought it was TOTALLY time for a “distraction” — and I found a great one!

Check this out!

Writer Marina Shifrin sure knows how to quit a job in style — and her video went viral.  (PS one of my fav Kanye songs)

And in a fun and appropriate response, Marina’s former employer announce that they are hiring (and with Marina well).

Thanks Mashable!

Got any great videos to share as part of a “distraction” — or any resignation stories?



Its Not News, Its a Distraction: 12th Doctor Revealed Live on TV

“Who” am I kidding (pun intended)  I LOVE Dr. Who!!! Those who know me, know I’m a Whovian! I’m giddy with excitement and thought that this was too cool NOT to share — the Twelfth Doctor to be Revealed This Sunday — Live on TV! How novel is that?!?  Want to know what I’ll be doing to “relax, relate, release” this weekend — wonder no more! 

Be it “man, woman, otter,” Matt Smith just wants to see the right person take the role of the Twelfth Doctor, and it looks like that person may have been found as the Whovian rumor mill revved into gear Thursday with word that the next Doctor will be announced during a BBC special airing this weekend, which the BBC confirmed as true much to fans’ relief.


Guesses as to who the next doctor will be? … and while we’re chatting, got a favorite doctor?

Taking a lil break, from making the HR connection (DON’T BLINK), yours,

Its Not News Its a Distraction — NEW Pearl Jam Album Coming

I LOVE Music! I Love Eddie Vedder! I Love Pearl Jam — and I’m excited about this new album — not sure that I’m going to pre-order it, but you can bet what I’ll be listening to at work all day on October 15!

… and what I’ll be listening to the rest of the evening — Hear “Mind Your Manners”, the first single from Pearl Jam’s tenth studio album, Lightning Bolt

Making of the album clip and official audio of “Mind Your Manners” below!

Rawking on (as I make the HR Connection), yours, thegirlinhr