Its Not News, Its a Distraction: Happy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Day

Ah .. one of my favorite movies and one of my all time favorite movie-quotables (see below)– I JUST found out that today was “Happy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” Day. I’m just coming off an awesome #IHRIM2014 conference, so I was in the office today — but I’ve got it on the calendar for next year.

Thanks to some heroic statistical sleuthing by Baseball Prospectus’s Larry Granillo, we know the date: June 5, 1985.

Granillo pinpointed the date by scrutinizing some fragmented data in the film about the Chicago Cubs game being played during the gang’s trip to Wrigley Field. “It appears obvious now,” writes Granillo, “that this is a real ballgame that Ferris is at, not just something recreated for a film crew. The Harry Caray play-by-play and the Braves players on the field are pretty solid evidence of that. So what game, then, are they watching?” After examining the box scores of games during the Cubs 1985 schedule, he ultimately concludes that it was the June 5, 1985 game against the Atlanta Braves (the visitors won 4-2).


Enjoy (and mark your calendars for next year 😉 ) …. and while you’re at it — make time for yourself we all deserve to have our own little Ferris Bueller Day — and you don’t even have to “fake out” your parents or take their car, cut the drama and just schedule the day ;),.

Taking a moment to stop and look around, yours,



Its Not News, Its a Distration: Your Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

So, this week as you see the flowers, bears, hearts come out on desks and hallways I thought it’d be fun to get folks thoughts on the holiday.

Do you find that your employees (or other loved ones) are a little distracted — or people getting a little down, maybe you get some divas or some drama?  Or is it just, “business as usual.”

Okay — I wouldn’t say that I’m overly girly or romantic — but I really like Valentine’s Day. I’m totally the one cutting out paper hearts, decorating the house, baking stuff for co-workers, putting pink dog collars on my dogs — I just think its fun. Last year I

made handmade crafts for my team. Its less about over

This is one of my pups – pretty in pink… hearts!

the top stuffed animals and dozens and dozens of roses — I just like spreading the message of love.  As a kid, I always loved writing the little cards to classmates — I just thought it was fun (and sweet) – I always wrote a special message on each one and took care match up the cards with each person (Individualization much?!? Yup its in my top 5). Whether I have a boyfriend or not, a date or not, roses or not (tulips are really more my thing) — I dig the day! Its nice to see people smile. 🙂

… and this year, Valentine’s day is on a Friday — even better!!!

Your Thoughts on Valentines Day
Just another day, what’s the big deal
I like to do a little some-something with loved ones and friends
I go all out
I protest it, its a made-up holiday
I don’t really care, but if I don’t do something, I’ll hear about it

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A few other reads to help with the “distraction” — a lil something for everyone:

Would love to hear your thoughts, stories, articles, and photos!

Making the HR connection, yours,

Gearing up for the New Year

Its SO hard to believe that its 2014! The holidays have been a flurry of decorations, shopping, gifts, wrapping, traveling, unwrapping, more traveling, shopping, eating, baking, shopping … and a little bit of time away from my “day job.” I also had touch of illness around the house for both my and my sig-o (what holiday wouldn’t be complete). Long story short, I’ve been away — but I think that’s been a good thing.

2013 was a GREAT year. I had a lot of great successes with the day gig and with my local HR chapter, SAHRMA. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those people. Not only have they helped *finally* start to get the feeling of “home” in a now not-so-new city, I had a great program year with being one of the chairs of the 2013 South Texas Symposium and starting a new mentoring program for HR professionals as part of my committee — College Relations. I also started blogging more regularly here on my blog (a lil less tweeting) and contributing blogs on  I’ve made little changes here and there, but think that I’m ready to do some re-designing here… and the gears are turning.

Most of 2013 I was moving at break-necking speed — I didn’t slow down until the very end, and it was actually because my body forced me too. I took a well need vacation in early December before the holidays got too hectic — I should “walk my talk” more often… a few days away to “unplug” (yes, with quotes, but hey, that works for me) did me good and actually allowed me to give myself the permission to take some time away from my blog and my work — and it was so needed — I was SO stressed. I did feel a little guilty about taking some time, but the time has been well spent with family and friends — and photos! I love photography, even though I’m not great at it, I almost lost my hobby. I’m doing a photo project for 2014 — its been pretty uneventful so far, but hey, its only 7 or 8 days in. 🙂

I’m almost back, I’ll take some more time over the next weeks to get the gears in motion.

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday! I normally do resolutions, but I conscientiously didn’t do them this year — an experiment?  Tell me about yours!

Cheers! yours,


Its not news its a distration — Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Top 50 Songs About Luck – Yahoo!

Happy St. Patrick’s day from me, thegirlinhr!

I wouldn’t say that I’m terribly superstitious or one for lucky charms — but I thought it’d be a little fun to think of some of my favorite songs that had to do with luck and put together a top 10 list — only I had trouble doing it – LOL — so I went to the net and found Yahoo!’s top 50 songs about luck.

Before you look at the list — think of 10 (or if you’re like me, think of as many as you can) and see where they fall on the list of 50. Did you have some that didn’t make the list? Honestly, there are a lot of songs here I’ve never heard of so I think I’m going to spend the remainder of the weekend preparing for the week and chillaxing to some music!

Enjoy! Yours, thegirlinhr!

No matter what kind of luck you have or where you believe it came from, the concept of luck continues to elude us regardless of our origin, race, religion, gender or the country we call home. Legendary musicians have attempted to answer all the questions we have about luck. Luck has been one of the most popular topics of songwriters and musicians for generations. Here are the top 50 songs about luck: songs about good luck, bad luck, luck with love, superstitious luck, fortune telling luck, and luck of the Irish. Enjoy and GOOD LUCK!

Top 50 Songs About Luck

Good Luck, Bad Luck – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Viva Las Vegas – ZZ Top

Love and Luck – Jimmy Buffett

The Luck of the Irish – John Lennon

I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover – Art Mooney

Touch A Four Leaf Clover – Atlantic Starr

Lucky Man – Emerson, Lake & Palmer

My Lucky Day – Bruce Springsteen

Fortune Teller – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

Bad Luck Soul – B.B. King

Lucky – Radiohead

Lucky Lips – Ruth Brown

Luck Be A Lady Tonight – Frank Sinatra

Hard Luck Stories – Neil Young

With A Little Luck – Paul McCartney & Wings

Superstition – Stevie Wonder

Lucky Lucky Me – Marvin Gaye

Some Guys Have All the Luck – Rod Stewart

Lucky Ones – Loverboy

Lucky Guy – Todd Rundgren

If I’m Lucky – Zoot Sims

I Feel Lucky – Mary Chapin Carpenter

Lady Luck Blues – Bessie Smith

Luck In My Eyes – k.d. Lang

The Lucky One – Faith Hill

Good Run of Bad Luck – Clint Black

Old Mr. Bad Luck – Earl King

Lucky – Britney Spears

The Luckiest – Ben Folds

I Got Lucky – Elvis Presley

You Are My Lucky Star – Petula Clarke

Lucky Me – Chiffons

Good Luck – Mirsa

We Are the Lucky Ones – Charmed

Down on Your Luck – Thin Lizzy

Sister Luck – The Black Crowes

Lucky You – Lightning Seeds

Lucky – Jason Mraz

Trying Your Luck – The Strokes

Good Luck Charm – Jagged Edge

Lucky Star – Madonna

Lucky Song – Dean Martin

I Should Be So Lucky – Kylie Miogue

Lucky Ladybug – The 4 Seasons

Piece of My Luck – Sam Brown

Lucky Number – Lene Lovich

If I Get Lucky – Arthur Crudup

The Luck of the Draw – Pete Atkin

I’m A Bad Luck Woman – Memphis Minnie

Lucky One – Alison Krauss

via Top 50 Songs About Luck – Yahoo! Voices –

Happy Valentine’s Day to Me? « Know

This is an AWESOME article and I really wanted to share it with yall — and its so timely — and from the Texas KNOW newsletter (hook ’em!)

Take a read and consider taking the online self-compassion test — what do you think?

Enjoy! Making the HR Connection, yours – thegirlinhr!


People who nurture self-compassion are happier and tend to enjoy healthier romantic relationships.

Common wisdom suggests that when relationship problems rear their ugly heads, the solution is to work harder to please your mate — maybe lose 15 pounds, be more cheerful, stop being so needy.

But it turns out that one of the best ways to keep the love fires burning is first to be kinder to yourself.

Kristin Neff, an educational psychologist and author of “Self-Compassion: Stop Beating Yourself Up and Leave Insecurity Behind” (William Morrow, 2011), indicates that people with higher levels of self-compassion tend to achieve greater emotional well being and contentment and to enjoy healthier relationships.

“Self-compassion is about acknowledging that you’re flawed, you’re human, you’re going to make mistakes, and that’s OK,” says Neff, an associate professor in the College of Education and a pioneer in the scientific study of self-compassion. “When you have a healthy level of self-compassion, you’re as kind, considerate and forgiving to yourself as you would be to anyone you cared about. You don’t beat yourself up or become defensive, depressed and angry when you face the setbacks we all encounter at one point or another.

Research during the past decade suggests that people who nurture self-compassion have better overall psychological and emotional health, experience less anxiety and depression, are more motivated to achieve their goals and even have less trouble with common issues such as losing weight or quitting smoking.

To find out if self-compassion also makes you a better relationship partner, Neff surveyed 104 couples using a self-compassion scale that she developed.

The findings supported her theory that people who can first give themselves emotional support and validation will be in a better position to be giving, accepting and generous to their partners.

In the study, individuals who reported high levels of self-compassion also said they felt more authentic and happier in their relationships. More important, their mates described them as being significantly more affectionate, supportive, intimate and accepting in the relationship, as well as readily granting more freedom and autonomy to their partners.

And what about those who didn’t score high on self-compassion?

Their partners described them as being more controlling, detached, domineering, judgmental and verbally aggressive — and, not surprisingly, reported much less relationship satisfaction.

For couples that want to see how they stack up in the area of self-compassion, Neff has an online self-compassion test. It includes 26 statements that help you decide just how kind you are to yourself when you fail or face setbacks and how you tend to frame your flaws and shortcomings.

If you respond “almost always” to statements such as “I’m disapproving and judgmental about my own flaws and inadequacies,” for example, that suggests you may have some work to do when it comes to fostering self-compassion.

“Should you or your partner score low on self-compassion, there are several things you can try on your own that should help you become more accepting of your imperfections and your basic ‘humanness,’ ” Neff says, including:

Write a letter to yourself from the perspective of an unconditionally loving friend or family member. Say the things in the letter that someone who’s caring and understanding would say to you about your perceived shortcomings.

“Wait awhile and then read it,” Neff suggests, “taking in the feelings of acceptance and support.”

Put your hands over your heart or use some other form of soothing touch when you’re struggling. Physical gestures of care and kindness tap into the body’s mammalian caregiving system, reducing the stress hormone cortisol and increasing feel-good hormones such as oxytocin, Neff explains.

Try guided meditations. Meditation helps to retrain the brain, Neff says.

Say kind words to yourself.

Whatever strategy you choose, the goal is to meet your own emotional needs, become better at living in the present moment and avoid consistently negative, self-critical thoughts.

“There’s really no downside to boosting your self-compassion,” Neff says. “You experience more happiness, contentment and peace, and your relationships improve. It’s the classic win-win.”

To find out more about exercises that can help you build self-compassion, recommended reading materials and videos on developing self-compassion, visit Neff’s website.

via Happy Valentine’s Day to Me? « Know.