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When did my Sunday Funday become Loathing Laundry Day

When did my Sunday Funday become Loathing Laundry

… my continuing saga with to find work/life balance (and doing the laundry)

I find myself in the same place almost every Sunday – vowing not to go into the office to get a jump start on the work week but then feeling guilty for doing something “fun” because my house is a mess.

I am probably one of the worse home-makers EVER! I don’t enjoy it, but totally appreciate it when its done. My sweetums and I aren’t the neatest people — we’re prone to clutter — so we’re used to living in a state of “dis-array” but at some point reach that point of ENOUGH!

My general cleaning routine — put the junk in a room I don’t go in and close the door — works for almost everything BUT laundry.  I can skip a couple of weeks of laundry, but the by the third week, there are clothes EVERYWHERE. Sweetums and I have THREE big dogs who will spread it all around and like to lay on it.

So here I am. Sunday evening still tackling all the laundry and feeling no better prepared to get my week started off we’ll rested and recharged.

As I stated earlier, I’m not much into doing chores at my house — but laundry is the worse. I thought it might be crazy (and really lazy in the terms of house cleaning) but turns out that I may not be alone.

Laundry, dinner planning, and doing the dishes are by far my least favorite chores, but picking up the house and mopping the floors (especially with three dogs) aren’t far behind for me (and we don’t even have kids yet!).

I need a “Loathing Laundry Day” intervention! How do I turn “I hate laundry” to “I don’t mind laundry”?  — and make more time for the things that I like to do vs. the things that I need/should do. Work- Life balance is something that I am really trying to instill into my team, but I feel like be a leader with good examples and practices and not just a generic mouth of HR or management and say “you need to find work life balance” or “find what fills your bucket and make time for those things.”

Today I hate laundry, but I’m going to spend 2013 moving the needle (let’s focus on the laundry and maybe the other chores will fall in line) and finding balance and more time for ME and the things that I “fill my bucket” and energize me!

Do you have the same struggles? Do you consider home time/chore time as “life” time or “work” time (I’m of course making the case for the later FOR ME, but would love to hear other thoughts on it).

Let’s do some research and get a plan in place!  Right after I finish the laundry for the week…