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If Crowdsourcing and Big Data have been two of the top emerging HR themes in 2012, the third member of that trio must certainly be Cloud Computing—in particular cloud-based SaaS solutions for HR.

This emerging trend impacts HR in two significant ways:

HR is streamlining its own processes to create universal HRIS solutions that standardize across national or multinational organizations. Centralizing HR systems and data for HCM and Recognition can offer significant efficiencies and yield the sorts of Big Data I discussed in our last post.

HR is often deeply involved in the adoption and management of organizational collaboration and communication tools, particularly where these solutions impact or are impacted by engagement, workflow, telecommuting and BYOD/privacy policies.

In 2013, the adoption of flexible, centralized cloud-based SaaS solutions will continue to grow in HR and enterprise applications. Many companies struggle with legacy reward or talent management systems that crop up organically in departments or divisions, or hang around long after mergers and acquisitions. These are often management-intensive, manually-tracked systems that do not yield useful data and instead drain company resources. The move to the cloud reins in these efforts and offers:

Lower implementation costs

Easy centralized management and administration

Cutting-edge technology

Free upgrades and enhancements

A way to “future proof” systems

Standardization and equity for all employees across geographies and divisions

Simple tracking and useful, streamlined data

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10 Last-Minute Employee Appreciation Day Ideas!

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Its Not News, Its a Distraction — or is it Engagement?

Are your employees or friends jumping on the “Harlem Shake” craze — let ’em AND join in!

Take a look at these  folks — its fun, a great way of team bonding, AND its a great way to be ENGAGED! That’s right — I threw out the “E” word!

Making the HR connection (and having some fun!), yours,  thegirlinhr