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How can a company go from being so well loved to possible one of the most hated?

Two words — CUSTOMER SERVICE. And you as a manager or HR Pro can help impact that — happy employees have a positive impact on customers.

Sears (sorry I’m spoiling it for ya) has the stuff that people want — and some great products and convenient locations — but the some of the employees don’t seem to care anymore. I love their appliances, tools, home goods, and I’ve bought great children clothes there. But I have noticed that their customer service is a bit lacking.

That being said, I was at a Sears about 4 months ago and had a WONDERFUL experience. I had actually braced myself to have a bad one, but I love Sears tools and appliances and they usually have deals, so I was willing to take the chance of poor service vs. a good deal. I’m so glad that I did! I went in to buy an inexpensive, but reliable gas range for my house that I rent out. I was totally expecting the upsale and to have to look at a bunch of stuff that I wasn’t interested in –or worse, have someone follow me around when all you need is some room to look, breathe, and think — , but this salesman, Eddie,  totally listened to me, got me taken care of ON BUDGET, and in a short amount of time, and got this unit delivered in one of the next open windows. Sorry to hear that Sears might be in this position, but there is hope! I’ll go back to buy other tools and appliances from Eddie for sure!

What are some of your stories of great or bad customer service. Ever had an experience that lead you to never shop somewhere again or an experience that made you loyal forever?

Let me hear your stories!

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From Wall Street to the mall, Sears Holdings Inc. (SHLD) might be the most hated major American company.

Sears Roebuck, as the company used to be known, was the (AMZN) of its day, thanks to its comprehensive mail-order catalog and early expansion across fast-growing postwar suburbs. Sears was once so powerful that it built and anchored the largest skyscraper in the country in Chicago (now the Willis Tower).

Yet public affection for storied store brands often doesn’t survive generational shifts, and Sears has been largely rejected by today’s shoppers in favor of newer chains with larger formats and better pricing, from Target Corp. (TGT) to Home Depot Inc. (HD) to Kohl’s Corp. (KSS)

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