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Social Media Policy – Take a Page from the Gap’s Policy

In today’s tech and social media world – companies and HR professionals are really looking for the black and white areas in a very grey topic.

Most “social media” experts will tell you that the best policy is no policy. I’ve always had trouble with that mantra — to me, great in theory, but really not practical for the real world. I think that policy may be a strong word — and “guidelines” might be a better one. Its a good idea to set expectations and boundaries. That’s why I really like what the GAP has done with their policy. Its simple, easy to understand, but very clear — and I think stands up as a good guidance regardless what kind of corporate environment or culture your company has.

They divided their policy up into three major buckets: “Keep in Mind”, “How to Be the Best”, and “Don’t even Think About it.”  Check out the policy here. The policy encourages people to use social media — and be themselves with it — but it also gives great points to consider whether you consider them common sense or not.

And weigh in .. what do you think — should companies have a formal social media policy?