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July 2017 #CarnivalofHR

july2017carnivalI’m SUPER excited to host this month’s Carnival of HR! I’m still riding high from last month’s #SHRM17 and all the amazing learnings and take-aways. I asked this months’ carnival participants highlight “topics that have been top of mind for you.” I know that for me I’ve been doing a lot of  thinking about healthcare and benefits (ACA? Repeal/Replace? Open Enrollment?) — but I know that there has also been ton of talk about  leadership or the rise of AI in recruiting.  But really — I asked the bloggers:  Tell me whats’ been happening in YOUR corner of the world!  They didn’t disappoint!  As a long time reader, occasional submitter, and first time host — welcome to the July HR Carnival!

As HR becomes more strategic, so does need for outsourcing

Judy Lindenberger

You’ve got a seat at “the table” … now how are you using it? Judy discusses how to leverage outsourcing in order to allow HR to have an even more strategic presence for their organizations.

Older workers as the solution to unfilled jobs?

Michael Haberman 

Mike offers a fresh take on the generational workplace highlighting some of the reasons why we should incorporate “older workers” in our talent strategies and what it takes for your firm to make that transition.

New generations are spawning! Birth of the Nano-Generation

Paul Hebert

And because I like a little bit of balance, Paul gets readers up to speed on the new generational group – the Xennials — what I like to think of as a kind of proverbial middle child to the Xers and Millennials.

Take note: addressing bad behavior in the workplace

Stephanie Hammerwold

I love a good pun! Stephanie discusses the whys, hows, and whats of taking notes and documentation for workplace investigations.

Why women lose the he said-she said debate

Dorothy Dalton

A great post from Dorothy! “My recent interest has been sexual harassment in tech and elsewhere and how a situation shifts a gear if a woman gets male support.”

Evaluating character

Yvonne LaRose

“There’s a lot on my mind at this time… [I’ve submitted a piece] about scrutinizing the truth of representations candidates make about their abilities and interests and another piece that relates to diversity and surviving under the pressure of stereotypes.”

Send a note !!

Steve Browne

I dig Steve’s message — “I want to see humans (especially HR) connect more.” I couldn’t agree more!

Lookin’ for HR love in all the wrong places

Robin Schooling

As someone who is TOTALLY guilty of buying all of the “I love HR” gear I can get my hands on … for myself — and others… I loved this piece from Robin on looking to gain promoters for HR OUTSIDE of HR professionals.

Are you a first-time manager? 6 tips to start off right

Jesse Lyn Stoner

“The leap from individual contributor to first-time manager is one of the biggest leaps you can make. Here are 6 tips to help ensure your leap isn’t over the edge of a cliff.”

You’re wrong about HR

Katee Van Horn

Whether your company’s firm is “good HR” or “bad HR,” Katee walks you through the responsibilities of an HR department to curb sexual harassment and what makes HR an approachable place for employees.

The victim language of Mitch McConnell

Tim Gardner

“…this isn’t … an HR post, though it reflects how important it is for HR folks to listen carefully to the word choices of their employees.”

L&D Roundup

Jennifer Juo

“Today’s learning & development (L&D) professionals must rethink how they approach workplace learning and constantly think out of the box when it comes to nurturing talent. Our L&D roundup highlights the top 5 most innovative L&D ideas and trends to take a look at…”

Hope you enjoyed this month’s HR Carnival!