Day: April 21, 2014

Hey Girl in HR, Whatcha Reading April 21, 2014

I was a little quiet last week — Tax Day caught me a little off guard (I swear I’m totally organized and not one to procrastinate — except for taxes — go figure!) so I did not do too much updating on the blog. Actually the whole week just got away from me — it was one of those weeks and just one of those times in my life in general — blah — I was a bit distracted, but I was reading and found some interesting things to share.

The Confidence Gap via The Atlantic — Evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men—and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as competence. Here’s why, and what to do about it.

The Unexpected Way Philosophy Majors Are Shaping The Business World via Features Editor at The Huffington Post — I am all about various degrees and finding unique ways to apply them. After all, yours truly has a degree in biology and English — although I’d like to think that I use them both indirectly. I’m not sure that I’m buying this, but its an interesting read still —  “Degrees like his can help in the business world, where a philosophy background can pave the way for real change.” Do you agree?

7 High-Growth Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree — Skilled Labor Jobs Provide a Financially Feasible Alternative to College via –  I know that we are pretty vigilant about telling folks about the important of going to college. Let’s face it — college is not for everyone. I’m starting to change my tune a bit to encourage people to get a plan and consider a trade school or additional training or apprenticeship — something even if you don’t want to go to college — so these types of articles always grab my attention.  I just wish that we spend more time talking to people about all the options.

I wasn’t very active on my blog, but I did post a blog post on blogging4jobs:  here is my latest article: Before Starting the Equal Pay Discussions Do a Salary Review.Just a few — but there were many more. I also got started to kick up my Tumblr for The Girl in HR — in case you’re more of a Tumblr kind of guy or gal — I love it when I great recommendations from you — keep ‘em coming!

What was on your list of reads this week — and if you are curious to know about all the articles and news that piqued my interest over the week check out the Facebook page or the Girl in HR board on Pinterest (or other boards).

‘cuz you’ve got to know what people are talking about in order to make the HR connections,