Day: April 7, 2014

Hey Girl in HR, Whatcha Reading April 7, 2014


What a week that I’ve had… and what a week for HR. I was keeping an eye on NLRB (college athletes who are now allowed to unionize), baseball players taking paternity leave, and more on STEM careers and the overall lack of skills. AND — I also found time to hang out with some new friends and some old friends … and do some training for the upcoming Junior League year (I’m going to be the league’s website manager — surprise surprise 😉 ).

So here are some other reads that caught my eye this past week:

  • Evernote’s Libin a Big Believer in Wearables from the Wall Street Journal — this space fascinates me. I honestly don’t totally get Google Glass — but think about some of the other wearables that are out there — have a fitbit or another similar device? Underamour and Nike are working on other types of wearable clothing — think its not related to HR? It screams wellness programs to me…  Its also one of the big trends for HR tech according to a conversation I had a few months ago with a board member from IHRIM.

  • March Was a Darn Good Jobs Report Any Way You Slice It from — so technically I didn’t read it, I watched it — its a video 😉 but still a good watch …  plus, ” … unusual number he discovered was that female unemployment in March was worse than male unemployment” … unemployment is always an HR concern, and looking at numbers from a gender perspective always fascinating… not sure what it means… yet.

  • … and speaking of unemployment, check out this story: It’s more than a lack of jobs. Why Do Graduates Leave Their State by — in some states, that same student body leaves after graduation, essentially causing the public system of higher education to invest in the workforce for other states. I don’t know that I got a whole lot of real answers from the article, but there is an interesting graphic (although I wish it was laid out differently) and some real questions here as to what might be the underlying cause. Potentially a big impact on university relations, intern programs, work-study programs right??? … worth looking at another look to your relocation program (and maybe offering to new grads?),  what do you need to do from a recruiting standpoint to attract the talent if you are in one of the states where people are getting degrees and the fleeing?

Just a few — but there were many more. I also got some great recommendations from you — keep ’em coming! Its times like this I miss Google Reader — it was such a great way to get news — were any of you fans and now using another RSS reader that you just love love love?

What was on your list of reads this week — and if you are curious to know about all the articles and news that piqued my interest over the week check out the Facebook page or the Girl in HR board on Pinterest (or other boards).

‘cuz you’ve got to know what people are talking about in order to make the HR connections,