This is Why We Are So Bad at Math #STEM

I was getting ready for work this morning and doing a quick read of news articles.. and checking my Facebook when I saw this in my newsfeed:

I’ve seen this a ton of times — and I am sure that you have too. Last week I spoke to some middle school students about STEM careers and getting ready for college. In preparing for the speech I was just stunned with some of the research that I came across — it really moved me to become more passionate about STEM and getting people truly into it… and then this.

It REALLY bugs me … “Only for Geniuses”?!?!?!? SERIOUSLY? No. Really.. Seriously? This is pretty basic math that ANY one .. wait.. EVERYONE should be able to do, and some joker labels it as, “only for geniuses.”

Don’t even get me started on all the wrong answers! This is why we can’t get ahead in math … Seriously!

So if you are relying on Facebook posts to confirm you get the right answer and that you’re a genius for getting a simple math problem — you’ve missed the boat! I know that its suppose to be in all good fun  … but its not. Don’t buy it!

To me, its almost like a big joke that so many can’t solve this rather simple problem.

We need to step up our game — challenge yourself, your kids, and all those around you… find ways to promote math and science … and overall education.

Being “adequate” or “average” math doesn’t make you a genius.  Being adequate or average at anything just makes you well average … and we should stop being so nice about it and call things for what they are.  Go big and embrace the hard stuff.. and excel at it!

Now get a fire under yourself and do something awesome — don’t take the easy road.

Okay, stepping off my soap box and heading into work.

Making the HR connection, sometimes a bit passionately ;), yours,


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