Hey Girl in HR, Whatcha Reading March 31, 2014

I thought that I might try something new here and share with you some of the great articles that I read this week that I want to share with you.

  • Simplifying life has nothing to do with all your stuff from Penelope Trunk — what a fun site, she’s honest and straightforward and has a lot to say. “Simplifying” was one of my New Year “words” so I’m very interested in anything that I come across on the topic — plus, I the thought that I can simplify AND keep all my junk… I know, I know … not the point of the blog, but still a good read
  • College Players Granted Right to Form Union from the NY Times —  I can’t express how big this is — its actually pretty big news, not only from an HR perspective and labor unions, but business in general — even if you don’t know much about unions or care about college sports

  • 10 Life Lessons to Excel in your 30s from Mark Manson — I’m still in my 30s, so hoping I didn’t “screw up” too bad — but seriously, I LOVED this .. .wish I saw this when I was in my 20s — but its never to late to take in these life lessons.

  • Why millennials love apartments from CNN.money — This one really caught my eye — I think that this is meant for the “younger” millennial, but still find it fascinating. Its not just about apartments and convenient living… there is more to this …  — check out the video. Economy, employers, and business are driving some of this, but that’s not all.

What was on your list of reads this week — and if you are curious to know about all the articles and news that piqued my interest over the week check out the Facebook page or the Girl in HR board on Pinterest (or other boards).

‘cuz you’ve got to know what people are talking about in order to make the HR connections,




    1. Thanks Bernadine! I can’t believe that I’m only now discovering Penelope Trunk — I actually spent hours on her site reading blogs and archives. What else are you a fan of — recommend anything?

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