Listen Better: Change How You Listen

Sometimes I find myself listening to respond or rebuttal and not really listening to understand or comprehend. I hate to admit it, but its true. 😦

However, knowing your weakness or areas that need attention is half the battle — so I’m always interested in articles and resources that are aimed at making me a better listening. Tonight during my regular look of articles on the net, I found this gem from Ted — and you KNOW how I love me some TedTalks. In his talk, Julian Treasure says that we spend about 60% of our unconscious time listening, but we’re not good at it — and only retain about 25% of what we hear.  WOW… only 25%… but what is it that you’re actually hearing?

What’s cool about this video, is that he is literally talking about listening better. I’ve never really admitted it before, but I’ve always had trouble with my hearing (maybe one reason why I don’t listen better, but just of course, “one” of the reasons 😉 ) so the thought of actually retraining the way that I hear things is fascinating.

If you heard things differently, would it make you a different kind of person? Manager? HR professional? Wife? Son? Neighbor? Friend?

Its a short video and totally engaging (you need to watch!) — but just in case you don’t get all the way through it, here are his 5 tips:

  1. Silence – have 3 minutes of silence a day
  2. The Mixer — how many channels of sound can you hear
  3. Savoring – enjoying mundane sounds (the “hidden choir”)
  4. Listening positions — move your listening position to make it appropriate to what you are listening to
  5. An acronym — RASA (which is Sanskrit for “juice” or “essence”—. Receive, Appreciate, Summarize, Ask

How good is your listening? Do you think you’re a good listener? Should listening be taught in schools like other skill sets?

I think this is huge.. and important to you as leaders, managers, HR pros… and as people in general. How many times have you felt that someone wasn’t *really* listening to you? Maybe people don’t really know how to do it….

Making the HR connection, yours




PS.. this Julian Treasure is pretty cool — check out some of his other stuff!


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