30 Second Video – Networking Takeaways

I started a mentoring program with my local SHRM chapter (SAHRMA) for current students and new HR professionals. This is the second cohort of the program and since I have some folks now to help me conduct the program I decided to take on a mentoring group myself.
Being in the mentoring group with the program creator may not be easy since I use my group as guinea pigs … but I wanted to pilot virtual mentoring sessions so we met using Google Hangouts. We had only a few hiccups but otherwise it was a great session. Our topic for the session was about, “How and Why to Network.”
I made a short video to play around with some animation tools (always testing something new — I tried “GoAnimate“) and record some notes in a fun way. Well… success… kinda… I could only make a 30 second video (which kinda sucks, but hey, its free, so ya get what you get) but I think some good takeaways nonetheless. Next meeting — I think I’m going to record the hangout and continue to find some other software to use to do some video recapping (30 seconds is pretty short, but 60 seconds would be about the right ballpark).
Anyhoo — here after all that buildup — here is the recap video!

In other news, GoAnimate is, meh, okay… at least the free version (time limit and the embed links don’t work — I had to get kinda creative with that image and link above). Have suggestions of other animation software I should try?

Get your network on — and share your tips here or on our Facebook groups!

Making the HR connection, yours,


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