Month: January 2014

Gearing up for the New Year

Its SO hard to believe that its 2014! The holidays have been a flurry of decorations, shopping, gifts, wrapping, traveling, unwrapping, more traveling, shopping, eating, baking, shopping … and a little bit of time away from my “day job.” I also had touch of illness around the house for both my and my sig-o (what holiday wouldn’t be complete). Long story short, I’ve been away — but I think that’s been a good thing.

2013 was a GREAT year. I had a lot of great successes with the day gig and with my local HR chapter, SAHRMA. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those people. Not only have they helped *finally* start to get the feeling of “home” in a now not-so-new city, I had a great program year with being one of the chairs of the 2013 South Texas Symposium and starting a new mentoring program for HR professionals as part of my committee — College Relations. I also started blogging more regularly here on my blog (a lil less tweeting) and contributing blogs on  I’ve made little changes here and there, but think that I’m ready to do some re-designing here… and the gears are turning.

Most of 2013 I was moving at break-necking speed — I didn’t slow down until the very end, and it was actually because my body forced me too. I took a well need vacation in early December before the holidays got too hectic — I should “walk my talk” more often… a few days away to “unplug” (yes, with quotes, but hey, that works for me) did me good and actually allowed me to give myself the permission to take some time away from my blog and my work — and it was so needed — I was SO stressed. I did feel a little guilty about taking some time, but the time has been well spent with family and friends — and photos! I love photography, even though I’m not great at it, I almost lost my hobby. I’m doing a photo project for 2014 — its been pretty uneventful so far, but hey, its only 7 or 8 days in. 🙂

I’m almost back, I’ll take some more time over the next weeks to get the gears in motion.

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday! I normally do resolutions, but I conscientiously didn’t do them this year — an experiment?  Tell me about yours!

Cheers! yours,