Its Not News, Its a Distraction – First Dog to Climb Mt. Everest

Okay so ignore the not great writing of the story and focus on the cutest dog ever (after my pooches of course) who accomplished something big and pretty cool!

A former stray dog has pulled himself up by the bootstraps and created a better life for himself. A life that includes becoming the first dog ever to climb Mount Everest.

Many of yall know that I’m a BIG animal lover — and LOVE dogs! While Rupee wasn’t trying to do anything “great” or break any world records, I imagine Rupee was just as happy as could be just hanging out with his person and doing something that they enjoyed together.  The bond between a person and their dog is special!

My take away–> GET OUT AND GET MOVING! And I’m going to take one of my furry friends with me! We love walking, hanging out in the park, people/squirrel watching, shopping (you’d be surprised the places where you can take your dog — especially in Austin — love it!), or grabbing a bit to eat at Sonic!

Need some more motivation and/or don’t have a dog? If you’re nearby I’m happy to let you “borrow” one of mine and we’ll adventure together! Otherwise, I know of a lot of dogs at local shelters who would love a caring human to take them on a long walk or play fetch with for a couple of hours.

You don’t have to climb Mt. Everest to make a difference or inspire — you’d still get “cool points” with me if you did either of ’em.

Make Today Great!



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