November 2013 Wellness Challenge

So — I’m having a terrible run with these monthly wellness challenges. 🙂  I don’t think that I’ve completed one successfully yet – -but I’ve learned a lot and continue to try.

I was SO close with the October challenge — I even got others involved, but being out sick for almost 2 weeks made is a no-go. I got up to 2 minutes pretty and heard from a fitness coach that a 2 minute plank is “respectable” — but I still want to get to that 5 minutes — so I’m still working on that and plan to pick up again at 2 minute marker.

My focus for November is to try eating Clean. I’ve heard a lot about it and my guy and I want to give it a serious attempt. So I’m reading up on it and making a plan and want to try to eat clean for a week.  I also am making a serious attempt at work life balance, so I also wanted to plan a trip before the end of the year — and I’ve got that in the book! CHECK!

I’ll tell you how it goes at the end of the month! What about you — what are some of your wellness challenges for the month?




  1. I just cleared my first wellness challenge of the month: doctor finally cleared me! I can start running again!!!

    Now to keep my step count over 10k each day…

    Best of luck!

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