The Girl in HR’s September Wellness Challenge

Well .. August’s challenge was a bust!

I had pretty much failed the goals by the end of the week, so I think I will try to restructure them so that it doesn’t seem like its an “all or nothing” kind of thing because even though I failed I actually made some great strides.

August was a challenging month for me — it as ALL work and NO play. Seriously, I was working some 12-16 hour days at my ‘day’ job — which left little time for anything outside of work (including my blog, I had only a few posts last month) and a couple of side projects that I’m working on with my local SHRM chapter. I’ll catch yall up on those later.

Here is where I landed for August:

  • Only water (fruit infused water is okay) and try to get my recommended daily dose (I live in Texas, its hard to stay hydrated) – FAIL – I had mostly water about 95% of the time and tea and lemonade on a few occasions, but sodas (regular and diet are out)
  • 6 veggies a day (I’m planning juicing and doing green smoothies — YUM) – FAIL – the days I was in the office this worked, I even brought a little fridge to the office for my juices, but the weekends was all about sleep
  • two meatless dinners a week (may be a challenge as my sig-o LOVES meat and expects meat at EVERY meal) – FAIL — I did get one in a week and found some great new recipes
  • two yoga classes a week – FAIL – I didn’t get away not once during the month to a single yoga class
  • run 10 miles a week – FAIL – so close every week, but never made the ten miles.

So September Goals — I want to rollover the August ones 🙂 with some revisions

  • 95% water-only  (fruit infused water is okay)
  • 1 green smoothie/juice a day or eat the equivalent of 6 veggies
  • eight meatless meals over the month
  • get to the yoga class
  • 50 miles during the month

I’ll check in with you at the end of the month! How did your wellness and fitness goals go over the month of August?

Getting my health on! yours,


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