The Girl in HR’s August Wellness Challenge

I’m a girl and I work in HR — I spent a good part of my career in the benefits, health, and welfare space so being “healthier” is always on my mind (I suck at it, but its on my mind). Its on the mind of your employees too! As leaders we can help take steps to make some options to make healthy choices available — but the choice is still up to the employee.

But that’s the hard part — for me anyways — making the right choice.  Options sometimes mean planning ahead — so, start of a new month, a new week, a perfect time to plan!

I thought that I’d share some of my monthly health challenges — maybe to inspire others to start their own or maybe have folks join along, or maybe just simply for the piece of accountability I get when I have this on my blog.

So here are August’s Wellness Goals

  • Only water (fruit infused water is okay) and try to get my recommended daily dose (I live in Texas, its hard to stay hydrated)
  • 6 veggies a day (I’m planning juicing and doing green smoothies — YUM)
  • two meatless dinners a week (may be a challenge as my sig-o LOVES meat and expects meat at EVERY meal)
  • two yoga classes a week
  • run 10 miles a week

I’ll check in with you at the end of the month!

Getting my health on! yours,


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