#shrm13 Book Preview: A Necessary Evil: Managing Employee Activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …

I got a chance to take a closer look at a great new book specifically geared towards HR professional and social media.  A Necessary Evil: Managing Employee Activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … and the Hundreds of Other Social Media Sites by Aliah D. Wright (@1shrmscribe)

In her book, Aliah takes you through the what, how, and (most importantly) the why of social media in the workplace. Chapters include topics such as:

  • Reconsidering Your Expectations, or All Work and No Play Makes Jack and Jill Dull Employees
  • Why Social Media Engagement is Important, or Why Facebook and Twitter, and LinkedIn Are Not Evil
  • Productivity: Your Perception Might Not Fit Reality
  • Selling Social Media to Your CEO

Aliah partnered and interviewed many of the thought leaders and early adopters of HR social media in order to share their stories, experiences, their lessons learned, and what they are seeing in the workplace throughout the book.

On one thing that really surprised Aliah.. .the idea that some people have, “that they can post or say things on the internet in a vacuum and that ONLY their friends will see it.” Its out there, so we need to know how to deal with it, on a personal AND professional level — as Mike Haberman says, “Its social media, not personal media,”  you’re never entirely sure who is friends with who, who plays bunco with who, whose kid your kid plays little league with — with a click of the button, you can share with your “network” or what networks that is linked to — both in terms of people (friends) and systems (social media platforms).

Another thing that Aliah has learned about people’s social behaviors. Social media can provide an outlet of “I can say this online – but not to your face.” If people are doing it in their personal time its possible that you can deal with it in the work place as well — but don’t let the bad seeds ruin it for everyone — find out the facts, do some research, and understand the phenomenon. I’d recommend, starting with a book like this. I hope to have a full book review up sometime in the coming weeks.

Check out the book via the SHRM bookstore or Amazon.com (book or Kindle available July 1, 20013) — or if you’re at the #shrm13 conference swing on by the onsite conference bookstore!

Happy Reading! Making the HR Connection, yours, The Girl in HR



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