Day: June 11, 2013

All #SHRM13 all the time .. or almost

I’m super geeked and excited. The national SHRM conference is quickly approaching and I’m getting ready! My blog over the next few weeks will be primarily, but not entirely, related to activities and experiences that I had in Chicago at SHRM 2013.  Just wanted to give yall a heads up!

Today on the agenda — I’m picking out what sessions I want to attend and what vendors I want to scope out.. and I’m looking forward to re-connecting with some of my friends from around the country! I’m a planner, what can I say! I’ve even got a map of my location and planning out possible activities and things to do and see. I mean, I don’t want to plan out EVERYTHING, but I want to be prepared.

Also — what to wear. Don’t roll your eyes — I know what you’re thinking “Of course the girl is thinking about what to wear… ” Well you’re kinda wrong in your base assumption. My daily threads are pretty casual — like flip flops (despite my research and own blog, I still haven’t given them up) and tshirts kind of casual. I want to be me and comfy, but maybe not so dressed down. Sneakers are a must — I might leave the flip flops in Texas since I think that all that walking and flip flops are a bad combo.

How do you prepare for a conference — and how much thought to you put into what you wear? Do you plan out what vendors and sessions you want to go or do you just wing it?