Doostang – 10 Lies You Should Tell in a Job Interview | Say What?!?!?

Is honesty always the best policy –or could one of these lies help you get the job — take a look — and you decide.

I’d never encourage anyone to “lie” to get a job — because honestly I believe in karma and generally speaking, when it comes to competency and past work history — lying might get you in the door (if you’re clever) but people are going to start to find you out pretty quickly.

Frankly, I personally don’t ask many of the questions on this list when I’m interviewing someone — for me they are pretty high level and tell little about the candidate and their skills — so I go for much meatier and skill based questions and ask for solid examples (behavior based interviews).

Its been a while since I’ve “interviewed” as an interviewee — but I’m on the other side of the table frequently — what are some typical questions that you get in an interview — some of the hardest and some of the ones that you know to expect?

Making the HR connection, yours, thegirlinhr

10 Lies You Should Tell in a Job Interview |.


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