10 Terribly Overrated Destinations (And Where To Travel Instead)

Not sure how I feel about them dissing on my hometown — but an interesting read nonetheless — are you planning a vacation soon — where one of these top 10 places on your list (I think about 8 of these places are on my list of places to go travel — and Austin is home — what exactly does that say about me :))

Keeping it Weird, yours, thegirlinhr!

Have you ever traveled somewhere that everyone told you was the absolute best, only to find yourself wondering: Is that all there is?

It happens. Sometimes, the destination in question is trading on a dated reputation it no longer deserves. Other times, you’ve fallen victim to hype, manufactured by the travel industry, gleefully perpetrated by those whose job it is to report objectively. The end result? You’ve now wasted precious vacation time and money.

via David Landsel: 10 Terribly Overrated Destinations (And Where To Travel Instead).



  1. I made a two year mistake of believing the hype that Asheville NC perpetrates and ‘semi-retired’ there. Thank God I said “It’s only money I worked for my pension” and moved back to Manhattan 10 weeks ago. The place is a sham populated by lazy self important posers.

    1. So I should take Asheville off my list, eh? 🙂 I do like NC though. I used to travel to the Greensboro area for work for one of my previous jobs — but then again, I wasn’t there for more than a few weeks at a time. Sound like Manhattan is the place for you and it was a good decision to move back for you (PS LOVE Manhattan!)

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