The Girl in HR Gets Creative — Hello Kitty Inspired Cake Pops

Baking is relaxing to me — what kind of hobbies do you have that also relax you — maybe try baking or making cake pops!

Plus an easy and cheap way to give my team a little treat — they look funny, but its the thought that counts (and they actually taste WONDERFUL)

The Sunday Domestic Diva

I made these for a co-worker this week for a co-worker who loves Hello Kitty — it was her birthday and I thought that it would be a sweet (and fun) sentiment.

It was much more challenging than I thought it would be — I don’t think that I have all the proper tools to do this kind of detail work — but still, I had fun with it and they didn’t turn out too bad. And they taste DELISH — but I’m still working on my presentation! 🙂

I only had the energy to make 6 “Hello Kitty” pops — and then I made 12 others that were simpler (which actually turned out AWESOME — they were just coated with a dollop of frosting and a cute little topper on them — either a chocolate chip or another decoration.

I’m looking forward to making more and continuing to perfect…

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