Do you understand? … Health Care Reform – short video

I get lots of questions about benefits.

Face it, if you’re not an HR person or a benefits specialist OR someone who uses their benefits a lot — understanding your benefits can be a little bit of a foreign language for US employees (IMO this is less of an issue outside of the US in countries where there healthcare is subsidized or a benefit of the government).

You hear people talking about Obamacare or health care reform — but do you *really* understand the basics of what the law does? Before you take a stance one way or the other on whether its good, bad, indifferent — I thought it’d be helpful to level set and find out what the bill does. I went out to one of my fav resources and found a quick helpful video. As with all my reasearch, this is the one that I found — I really do try to be impartial and find sources that are too –but always take some time to do some due dilligence on your own and arm yourself with the facts — once you have the facts, you can understand the arguments on BOTH SIDES of the issue.

Making the HR Connection and helping you put it all together, yours, thegirlinhr


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