Day: February 16, 2013

Even Moderate Drinking Linked to Increased Cancer Risk | Healthy Living – Yahoo! Shine

Sad news to read today — may have to give up my wine and craft beers? Now, you are talking to a gal who at one point (and technically still does) has a room in her house dedicated to wine and spirits (I call it the champagne room — and I’ve recreated it 3 times in my last 3 homes).  Wine used to be a staple at my house and it wasn’t unusual for me to enjoy a bottle or two a week. However, in efforts to be overall healthier, my sig-o and I pretty much ditched alcohol — but I still like to enjoy a great beer, fine wine, or awesome mixed drink every now and then.  I’m probably not in the bucket anymore since I may have 1-2 drinks a week at most and most weeks its a big fat zero. When it comes to your wellness, it really is about knowledge, decisions, actions, and then results.

While this made me a little down at first, I’m now a little excited — it may be time for me to re-model the champagne room. I’ll still make beer and dabble in wine, but now that I have some new information to add to the picture to think about my overall health and wellness which impacts not only my physical and mental health, but my relationships, and my work.  Plus I’ve been steadily increasing drinking green smoothies — so its a timely article to me. Cheers to your health! What do you think?

Making the HR connection, yours, thegirlinhr

New research shows that even a single alcoholic drink per day can increase your risk of developing certain types of cancer, including breast cancer in women.

Though people have long believed that a glass or two of wine can be good for your heart, the new study, conducted in conjunction with researchers in the U.S., Canada, and France, shows that the cancer risks far outweigh any heart-healthy benefits.

The stats sound scary, but Naimi told Yahoo! Shine that the risks for mild to moderate drinkers are very low. “The people who drink small amounts of alcohol needn’t be duly concerned about this,” he said. “But it is important to recognize that when it comes to cancer, there’s no free lunch.”

via Even Moderate Drinking Linked to Increased Cancer Risk | Healthy Living – Yahoo! Shine.