How Do You Deal with Stress

I am always looking for ways to deal with stress… I found these five suggestions from how The Peaceful Mom” deals with stress —

  1. Eat Chocolate!
  2. Exercise-I decided to start running
  3. Order Pizza-
  4. Refuse to Cook
  5. Eat Cashews-I recently found out that eating 10 cashews a day has the same effect on your brain chemistry as taking one Prozac.

via Top Five Ways to Deal with Stress.

This made me think.. what are some of the things that I do to de-stress (I should probably do more of them :))

I didn’t have a top five — but I did have 12 that came to mind

  1. Get active — Go for a jog/walk/yoga (I prefer Bikram)
  2. Listen to music (and sometimes I “dance it out” — ala Flight of the Conchords or Grey’s Anatomy — okay so many not exactly like Bret from the Conchords, but ya know what I mean)
  3. Get a massage
  4. Goof off on FaceBook/Internet– I play this stupid game called Zombie Island and looking at updates from my friends and their families always makes me smile (hit me up if you also play Zombie Island — just kidding! No, but seriously… )
  5. Get a mani or pedi
  6. take a break from “thinking” — Read a trashy magazine or Watch mindless tele (some great reality tv that falls into this one — my only challenge is stopping)
  7. Play with my dogs — they are so full of love
  8. Cook or Bake — different than cooking dinner every night, but something new and exotic always gives me something else to focus on. Often times I’ll make something and I’ll give it to my neighbors. And sometimes just finding potentials things to try or updating my Sunday Domestic Diva blog gives me the same feeling
  9. Plan a party of event — sounds like more work or stress — but event planning “fills my bucket”
  10. Go to dinner with my sweetie
  11. Spend some time with friends
  12. Wine! (can’t believe that wasn’t #1)  😉

What about you– have some to share — or think something on one of the list is just weird or batty?

Not sure where to start — you may find this helpful (curious to see how sleep didn’t make either one of our lists — is it on yours)

Making the HR connection,


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