Day: February 3, 2013

Americans will spend $1 billion on snacks for the Super Bowl –> REALLY!?!?!

Americans will spend $1 billion on snacks for the Super Bowl

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Wow — that’s some serious $$$ — what do you think about that?

I didn’t watch the game this year — or the commercials. I haven’t watched in about 4 years.

But in general — while that seems like its a big number, I’m not sure that I think its all bad.

1. That’s some serious money back INTO the economy — and I’m no economist by any means, but seems like that’s a good thing. And a little retail secret (well probably not since you can google just about anything – -but Super Bowl weekend is a great time to get electronics and home theater systems –great deals – oh and on furniture too!) And I’d imagine that there is some good stuff that’s happening for the city and surrounding cities that the event takes place in — people need places to stay, get things ready, staff stores, etc — and if you’re watching it at a bar or pub — well good for business there too. Its a lot of work and planning, but I’d imagine that there is a payoff there — imagine what your employees are feeling like Monday or Tuesday after the game if you’re in the service or hospitality, restaurant industry?

2. It promotes community and its fun — how many parties did you hear about or get invited to? The superbowl, even if you’re not a fan of either team or even baseball is a great way to connect with others, spend quality time with friends and family, and get some R&R in! One of the last times I went to a superbowl party, it was with friends from work and we made a day of it — I don’t remember who was playing, but I remember the games that we played, the food that I brought to the potluck, and how much fun we watching the commercials.

I’m still not so sure how I feel about the amount of money put into the actual commercials (do they actually see that ROI returned during the year? or create any brand loyalty? The only brand I really see consistently is budweiser) or the halftime show? I’d love to see some conversation or more information on some of the money spent here. But if you think about it as a giant concert — is there really a difference (other than the football show on either end of the musical entertainment of course).

Anyhoo – -a few of my thoughts — always welcome to hear yours — and here is the infographic on the Superbowl dollars.