Is It Ever Really Ok to Talk About Your Salary?

Is It Ever Really Ok to Talk About Your Salary? LearnVest.

My two cents — no. And maybe I’m old school or weird secretive but even in organizations where this is 100% transparent it still seems to cause un-neccesary problems and friction between employees.

I think that under the right circumstances it could work however, but the company needs to have the right transparent structure in place and employees need to understand their pay, compensation strategy, and how rewards are managed in order for it to work — I haven’t seen an org that does that really well — even the ones where the salaries are posted for everyone to see. Managers needs to be equipped with the tools to have those tough conversations and the tools and methodology need to be easy and simple for employees to understand.  I offer an example  of a popular comp philosophy–  we all “know” what a meritocracy is, but do we all “know” what that means from a dollar and cents perspective when it comes to what you’re getting paid and what that means to the individual (me) vs my co worker who sits next to me and doing the same thing — or my co work who doesn’t sit next to me and doing the same thing — or my co worker who doesn’t sit next to me or do the same thing.


But back to me and my personal thoughts — I like transparency. I like honesty — I don’t, like talking about money — with ANYONE (well maybe my manager and my bank). My sig-o doesn’t even know exactly what I make and we share a home (I don’t think its any of his business –:) — I know I know — I’m going to get some disagrees on that one) — but if I don’t talk about those things with my family, I’m not going to be comfortable talking about it with co-workers. Does knowing what I make impact what you think of me or my quality of work?

This is always an interesting topic — what do you think!


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