Today is Election Day

Today is election day!

I try to keep the political talk to a minimum and directly tied to “making the HR connecection”and/or understanding impacts to your employees.. but wanted to remind everyone to go vote!

Here is some discussion for you —

  • I thought that there might be too much going on on actual election day so I wanted get ahead of the game and early vote. There was a bit of a line, but totally worth it to have the privilege to cast a ballot. Did you early vote?
  • Do you have “election time” or another benefit for your employees so that they can take time away from work to vote — or maybe just PTO (paid time off) or ETO (earned time off)?
  • I was chatting with some friends and a few of them admitted that they had never voted before  — are you one of them? And if so, why? With my friends, the common consensus was that they didn’t think that their vote mattered, so why waste the time.
  • Making the HR Connection –>Do you think that there are topics at work or times when you call for feedback and people just opt out because they think that their “vote” or feedback doesn’t matter? If so, thoughts on how you could make it more inclusive for them.

Okay… discuss!

Have a wonderful day!



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