Month: November 2012

How I Did It: Real Women, Real Retirement Savings LearnVest

What does retirement mean to you  — are you ready for it? Are you even thinking about it? Do women need to play for retirement differently than a man?

I don’t know the answers — I’m just asking the questions 🙂

How I Did It: Real Women, Real Retirement Savings LearnVest.

Is Black Friday edging out Thanksgiving? –

What do you think? As someone who started my career in retail — I kinda agree. What’s with the rush towards the holidays anyways? Two days after Halloween, I already saw Christmas decorations up, Black Friday ads, and holiday music playing on the radio. What about Thanksgiving?

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the holidays — and I LOVE a deal, but seems like I hear more about Black Friday instead of Thanksgiving. Its more about shopping and sales instead of the start of the holiday season.

Talk about what you think — What impact does this shift have on business and employees — for those in the retail space (we should throw in restaurant, and theaters too) and those who are not.

Is Black Friday edging out Thanksgiving? –

Germiest places you encounter while traveling – Yahoo! Travel

Its the start of the holiday season and your employees — and maybe even you — may be out traveling. I LOVE traveling but sometimes that comes with GERMS — keep yourself healthy by avoiding some of these germ traps. Holidays should be spent recharging and connecting with family, friends, or just a time to take away from work — it shouldn’t be spent sniffling, coughing, and sneezing.

If you do get sick — its best to stay at home so that the germs don’t spread. That just brings everyone down — including productivity and potentially profits.

Do you have programs in place to help decrease the spread of illness at your workplace and to keep your employees healthy. Programs can be anything from free sanitizer and reminders to wash hands to programs that enable workers to work from home or offering sick time.

Anyhoo — on to the “germiest places” you’ll find while traveling — thanks for the list Yahoo!

Germiest places you encounter while traveling – Yahoo! Travel.

Post Election Day – Obama/Biden, 4 more years

What does the re-election of Obama mean to you, your employees, and/or your business — does it change anything? If not, should it?

PS — politics is a lil taboo (okay, a lot taboo) – so respect each others opinions and  keep it related to human resources, business, and the impact to our employees.