The likeability factor

So… I don’t normally read this kind of stuff — but I stumbled on this article, “Kate Gosselin Fired from Coupon Cabin.”

An insider at the company tells that Kate was “difficult to work with, often making outrageous demands and just didn’t fit in with the company as a whole.”

That made me think about a simple question — “how important is the ‘likeability’ factor?” You know, how important is it that people LIKE you and WANT to work with you — are you easy to work with, a team player, and a culture fit?

If you think its just about Kate Gosselin and celebrities — you’re missing the bigger picture. Your likeability factor could impact the job you have, the job you might want in the future, or maybe even getting a job if you’re looking (IMHO).

I want to explore this more, but first — what do you think ? Is there something to the “likability factor” or is it all just fluff?


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