Month: October 2012

Should I Be Facebook Friends With My Boss?

In general I would say that this is not a good idea — I can think of a few exceptions. The big question is — are you friends with your boss on Facebook? How about other soc media sites, and if so, what is the difference? Your advice for others…

Should I Be Facebook Friends With My Boss?.

The likeability factor

So… I don’t normally read this kind of stuff — but I stumbled on this article, “Kate Gosselin Fired from Coupon Cabin.”

An insider at the company tells that Kate was “difficult to work with, often making outrageous demands and just didn’t fit in with the company as a whole.”

That made me think about a simple question — “how important is the ‘likeability’ factor?” You know, how important is it that people LIKE you and WANT to work with you — are you easy to work with, a team player, and a culture fit?

If you think its just about Kate Gosselin and celebrities — you’re missing the bigger picture. Your likeability factor could impact the job you have, the job you might want in the future, or maybe even getting a job if you’re looking (IMHO).

I want to explore this more, but first — what do you think ? Is there something to the “likability factor” or is it all just fluff?

Its Friday – I’m in Love

I thought that it might be fun to feature a “Friday Quote” on each Friday!

I also wanted to start a series of “Relax, Relate, Release” — cheers to the weekend and finding ways to reconnect with yourself, your loved ones, and your personal life so that you can be uber productive at work.

Last weekend I took Friday off and got a much needed massage. What’s in store for me this weekend? Better yet… what’s in store for you?

Ahh– had some massage time last week — it was wonderful — but not quite this relaxing — my masseuse was a bit chatty, but it was okay. 🙂

Happy Friday and find a way to take a load off!


Don’t get caught by surprise – End of Year Performance Reviews are just around the corner

I get no better satisfaction than when I see someone “get it” or make strides towards a goal or accomplishment.

Its the beginning of the quarter for many of us — and we’re rounding out the end of the year. Performance reviews/appraisals will be coming up soon. Now’s a good time to take a look at your people and being to think about their accomplishments over the last year. Give yourself (or encourage your managers/clients) to start thinking about it now. A lot is going on in Q4 and end of year — your employees deserve quality reviews and feedback. Don’t short change them because you didn’t plan well or keep good notes — and in an unrelated note, don’t hold back all your feedback to the end of the year or a performance review meeting — make it real time.

Start thinking of the plan now and looking at your calendars — and we’ll get started on your HR/Manager End of Year performance checklist soon!

Happy is as Happy Does

How many times do you hear, “All I want is to be happy” or wishes for others happiness — this week’s themes continue to be about starting with yourself.  You have to look within yourself to find happiness — and once you find that — your world and that around you will change.

Need some inspiration — check out these tips!  Don’t worry about tackling them all at once — take ’em one at a time — that’s gonna be my strategy (we can do it together 🙂 ) !

Happy employees are more productive — and positive, well -balanced, optimistic, relaxed —> HAPPY!!







Check out the Issues for the upcoming Elections (National)


There is A LOT of information out there about the upcoming election. I’m not a political commentator or wanting to discuss particular opinions — however, I DO want to help get information out there so that folks understand the issues (unbiased), where the candidates stand on them, and have a good understanding of how it’ll impact them and the bigger picture. This will impact businesses and employees — so absolutely has an impact on our world as HR Professionals — whether its devising health care strategies, jobs, or impacts to what is on the hearts and minds of employees. .
Here is a list of links that I’ve compiled to help you get up to speed on all the issues — if you have others, let me know and I’ll add ’em to the list!