Election Talk – Taboo or Necessary?

In a word… YES!

I always try to avoid the “taboo” topics — race, religion, politics — but its hard to ignore when there are so many connections to HR pros — and especially — our employees. So can I afford to take that stance now? I’m not entirely sure…

“Making the HR Connection” is all about understanding what is going on in the world and how it impacts your employees, your business, your bottom line — and even extending that to your customers and future employees.

What issues do you think are important — do you think that the candidates are giving those issues enough time and attention?

Jobs are on top of many people minds — even if you have one, you probably know someone who doesn’t or is looking (or given up and stopped looking)… but what else should they be talking about?

And what is the role of HR pros? Taboo Talk — stay out of it — or provide unbiased information and research?

Let me know what you think!

PS. Like my new signature — I’m still playing around with it 🙂


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