The Girl in HR Tries – GROUP ME

A friend of mine recently introduced me to something called GROUPME. GroupMe is a simple process that allows a user to have group texts. “Big deal!” you might say.. but the neat thing is that when one person replies, the ENTIRE group receives the response. The idea is to make texting between people a lot faster and more efficient — everyone is on the same page.

When you go to GroupMe.Com you sign in with your number and you’re given a special number through the website which texts you. Through simple prompts you can add and remove people the the texting group.

I gave this a try trying to coordinate a party. It seemed to work pretty well. I will say that if you do not have an unlimited texting or dataplan you may be alarmed by the number of texts that come your way as a part of this program — for example, you’ll get a text confirmation of everyone that you add and remove from your group. Bad from a texting perspective, but necessary so that people know WHO they are replying all to in a group text. I also found that many people weren’t so sure that it was ME that was texting them. Even though your name comes through with the text, its from an unfamiliar number, so you may have to tell folks upfront about the wonders of GroupMe before you include them on a group text for the first time. There is a welcome text that gives people more direction, but if you’re like me, and don’t answer or open texts from numbers you don’t recognize, then it could be a speed-bump in your fast lane to group communications.

I’ve only tried it once and will continue to try it over the next few weeks… if you do the same, post some of your thoughts and comments here.


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