The Girl in HR Tries – Gmail’s Priority Inbox

Email is great! Except for the email that you don’t want or care about. The spam filters are pretty good, but I still get a lot of stuff that is okay information, but not really life changing.

I’m always a fan of making my life easier … but not always the first to move on the “next big thing”. I typically like a few others to test the waters first, give feedback and then jump in pretty quickly. So I was a little surprised when I saw Gmail’s video for their new “priority inbox” when I reading email this morning.

I typically ignore those kinds of things, but something about this made me want to “try this now!” I don’t know what it was: 1. My Reaction – hey that IS a good idea; 2. the cute and chipper video; 3. the overall ease of set up and use.

So I’m giving it a try and report back later.


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