Month: September 2010

Eight Ways Your Contact Details May Be Turning Off Employers

Eight Ways Your Contact Details May Be Turning Off Employers

By Alesia Benedict, CPRW, JCTC

Writing a resume is no small task, but one part that seems like a no-brainer is the contact information section. Unless you are suffering from amnesia, you know your name, where you live, and what your own phone number is.

However, it’s not quite that simple. Your contact information is arguably the most important part of your resume, as this is the only means employers have to reach you for an interview! (more…)

The Girl in HR Tries – GROUP ME

A friend of mine recently introduced me to something called GROUPME. GroupMe is a simple process that allows a user to have group texts. “Big deal!” you might say.. but the neat thing is that when one person replies, the ENTIRE group receives the response. The idea is to make texting between people a lot faster and more efficient — everyone is on the same page. (more…)

The Girl in HR Tries – Gmail’s Priority Inbox

Email is great! Except for the email that you don’t want or care about. The spam filters are pretty good, but I still get a lot of stuff that is okay information, but not really life changing.

I’m always a fan of making my life easier … but not always the first to move on the “next big thing”. I typically like a few others to test the waters first, give feedback and then jump in pretty quickly. So I was a little surprised when I saw Gmail’s video for their new “priority inbox” when I reading email this morning.

I typically ignore those kinds of things, but something about this made me want to “try this now!” I don’t know what it was: 1. My Reaction – hey that IS a good idea; 2. the cute and chipper video; 3. the overall ease of set up and use.

So I’m giving it a try and report back later.