Women, take heed of the “beauty premium”

From Ann Daly (http://www.anndaly.com)
Women, take heed of the “beauty premium”: “Studies show that unattractive women remain at a disadvantage in low-level positions like secretary, while in upper-level fields that are historically male-dominated, good-looking women can suffer a so-called bimbo effect.” (Newsweek 7/26/10)

Edit –> Here is the link to the Newsweek article: http://www.newswee

Haven’t heard of the “beauty premium” before? Don’t be ashamed if the answer was “no” — however, it’s not new. After a few quick key strokes and searches, this article from 2006, printed in the New York Times surfaced :


Thoughts? Think that there is any credit to the thought of a “beauty premium?”


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